One Show Interactive Judging First Thoughts

This year I’m judging the One Show Interactive Awards. I’ve done it once before and they’re a really good summary of what’s going on in the advertising and comms world when it comes to digital stuff.

This year they’ve asked if we’ll blog about our experiences. Initially I was a bit sceptical as I’m just as likely to want to shout about how much I hate something as am I to cheer about things I love. Which isn’t really in the spirit of things like One Show. Equally it’s not fair to blog about individual bits of work, certainly before the results have been announced. So as I was trawling through the 180 or so first round pieces of work I kept wondering what I could say. And after about seeing 20 things I realised that there were a few trends in the work and also trends in the way that I could feel myself reacting to the work.

So I captured them in an ‘in and out’ list. This may not reflect the marks that things got or what the final results might be. They’re just observations on the things that felt fresh and interesting vs the things that felt a bit tired and slightly out-of-touch.

Here’s my list.


I’m sure some of my feelings are to do with the wider context that we all find ourselves in. Moments of joy and niceness just felt so much more enticing right now.

But given that a lot of the work is from a pre-crisis time maybe some of it’s had an unlucky bounce? Or maybe we’d just reached a time to wave a sad goodbye to the glut of mega reflective full screen cyber-futuristik experiences of yore..?

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