Boring Laptop DJs?

Dude’s broken out all the toys: Wiimotes, VR gloves, gestural controllers, drum pads, etc. No one could accuse him of looking like he’s sending an email. But you could accuse him of looking a little like a techno Jean Michelle Jarre.

Bits of it I love. Bits of it I hate.

Thanks Vasco for the link.

11 thoughts on “Boring Laptop DJs?”

  1. oh thats so bad.

    There’s a guy that’s more bothered about his own performance than the audiences enjoyment – nice big gaps so the crowd can clap and cheer him, despite it seeming like a slightly too long pause. I wouldn’t mind if the tech actually added something to the show, but when your dancing who cares if it’s a pair of record decks or some guy waving some wii remotes around.

  2. uuurgh…a mighty cheese merchant

    at least it manages to detract from the mediocrity of the set he’s playing

  3. Pure Euro chedder, agree with Curtis that massive pause mid set is so cringe worthy. If I was in a happy place with a pair of wrap around sun glasses on though (like most of the audience) id probably be appreciating it a whole lot more.

  4. I agree – the whole I AM JESUS thing is just a touch too much.
    But the crowd seem to be lapping it up.

  5. Even if his style’s a bit OTT, it makes the whole thing a lot more like a show. The dramatic gaps might not be to everyone’s taste, but the crowd are responding to it, and surely that’s what it’s all about?

    Takes Moldover’s controllerism ( to a new level.

  6. You can smell the Red Leicester from his armpits. The technology added extra visual pleasure (if you like watching the greasy dj make a cock of himself) but failed to enhance to the same old, boring sounds of minimal house.

    If you insist on using technology, use it wisely like Sasha & Digweed.

  7. Funny! Actually this is what the majority of kids want to see – it sure beats the head-buried-in-laptop version, but he does appear to be milking it a bit. Not sure I want to see some idiot waving his wii sticks around – much more impressive to watch someone technically in control of a complex audio setup, while STILL being able to provide an interesting performance aesthetic. that’s the challenge for the new digital DJ. Richie Hawtin has a lot of interesting thoughts on the subject:

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