Microsoft Songsmith – A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Amazing bit of PC software that creates melody from your voice from Microsoft. Sing into the mic and it creates a perfectly usable tune next to it…

Of course people are all over it, doing fun stuff.

Sticking vocal versions of classic tracks through it is revealing. What does Wonderwall sound like (in a techno stylee)…

Or this lounge version of Creep by Radiohead?

And watch out – I can sense some Songsmith Rickrolling coming up…

Or using it in a slightly different way here’s what happens when you pass stock chart data to it:

There’s loads of them all over YouTube. Interestingly you can see that although it automates things there’s still a skill in making them sound half decent – when you hear a good one next to a bad one you’ll get what I mean.

I can’t wait for someone to feed the news headlines through a reader and into an IDM pack. I’d only ever listen to the Robotic Ambient News ever again…

5 thoughts on “Microsoft Songsmith – A Gift That Keeps on Giving”

  1. I wanna play! But either the music industry has put the kybosh on it or it’s proving so dang popular the server has crashed.

  2. Have you seen the ad for it though?!! I could only get about half way through before losing all faith in everything.

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