Cut and Paste – Calling All Rockstar Designers


Cut and Paste is back in London.

On Saturday 4th April there’s going to be live, competitive designing going on. Designers get given a brief and a time limit and they have to ‘do’ design in front of a live audience.

Watching the video it reminds me of the whole turntableism scene. Turntablism isn’t like what DJs really do, and I don’t think this is really like what designers really do either. I’m guessing what wins out is a subset of showy skills designed to make people go “oooh…”. Doesn’t mean they’re not great designers either though.

I’d love to go and check out some extreme lasso action. But I’m not around that weekend.

There’s categories for 2d, 3d and motion. Check the Cut and Paste website for details

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