Adobe – Nooooooooooooooo!

Just got this in my email from Adobe…

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Dear Adobe, you are a company that is supposed to understand design. You make wonderful software that lots of designers use. And then you go and do this. A plain text email would have been fine. A nicely formatted HTML email would have been OK too. But really. Seriously.

Using Comic Sans in an account termination warning email.

It can’t ever be right, can it?

10 thoughts on “Adobe – Nooooooooooooooo!”

  1. I employ a zero tolerance policy when it comes to any CV’s written in Comic Sans, for some reason i associate it firmly with posters created by teachers for after school activites

  2. “i associate it firmly with posters created by teachers for after school activities”

    – Haha. Spot on, Giles.

  3. Hello yes, my name is Emma and I am a teacher. I have a confession to make… I use comic sans… a lot. There you go, I feel better now (sigh).

  4. Sigh. I love Comic Sans. It’s the best hand-printed font I’ve found. It’s sans serif and clean. It’s my favorite screen font.

    Still, I would not use it for my resume or a business letter. I do, however, use it for informal letters, faxes to our vet (who’s a nut :) and my web site. Anyone who doesn’t want to read me because of my font choice.. I don’t need as a reader.

    I’ve never understood the Cult of Dissing Comic Sans. As our vet said when he first saw it: “That’s a happy font!”

  5. I gotta admit that this is totally uncool! Comic Sans… I am almost left speechless here. Can you forward me that message?

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