7 thoughts on “Chupa Chups Trivia”

  1. We had that chat this week! Adam brought one of those giant ChupaChups full of ChupaChups back from his holiday, and Nick was giving it about the Dali thing.

    You’d think he’d have worked at least one melting horse in there somewhere, wouldn’t you?

  2. that’s amazing.

    i’ve never heard that before. it goes without saying that i will now be buying up some lollies, so that i can drop that fact all over, as if i knew it all along.

  3. it’s actually the only interesting fact I know. Saying that I know the one that goes… people swallow on average 8 spiders in their lifetime while sleeping. It’s kind of food related I suppose.

  4. Awesome fact! I did not know it.

    I can donate one food related fact in return.

    Too much coffee can kill you – more than 10 grams in a few hours and you are at serious risk of popping your cloggs.

    Not the cheeriest I know…sorry about that. (Better than eating spiders though surely?)

  5. I love this fact! It is a wonder that it has not been used in some form of brand activation … imagine where it could go.

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