I Had To Have This Album


Because the idea of Galaxy Toobin’ is well good the Galaxy Toobin’ Gang’s album jumped out of the Boomkat newsletter at me.

Then I read the description:

“The cold and beautiful synths of Galaxy Toobin’ Gang are transmitted through the same feeric wave-spaces as those of Laurie Spiegel, Terry Riley or Tangerine Dream and convey perfectly the sensation of simultaneous wonder and alienation that the members of the Peabody expedition must have felt when flying between the abnormally regular shapes of a monstrous mountain range hidden deep into the heart of a eternal screaming whiteness. Galaxy Toobin’ Gang’s debut album is a truly timeless sounding piece of work created by Elliot Lip and Speculator.”

Then I bought it.

Then I listened to it.

And it was awesome.

If you’d like to buy it too – or sample some of the tracks – Head to Boomkat.

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