Musical Madness – Kidda – Under The Sun Remix

Sorry, I know it’s been a few musicy posts in a row. But I had to share this. It’s perhaps the most bonkers track I’ve heard recently. It’s hard to describe its genre, it’s basically like speeded up funk / soul, meets happy hardcore, meets electro-house, whatever it’s just totally out there. I’m sure if I had a heart condition it’d do me no good at all. Don’t miss the slurring pianos at the end, it’s all very messy.

If you’ve not had enough, they’ve got the MP3 at

You might also recognise the track because an edit of the original was used in this Bacardi ad.

I’ve got a couple of older Kidda records on Catskills and I’m a big fan.

3 thoughts on “Musical Madness – Kidda – Under The Sun Remix”

  1. this might be one of the most ridiculous tracks i’ve heard in a while!

    i think i’m going to go back to relisten to the wanderer on your other post ;)

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