Sometimes It’s Hard


Poke NY’s unofficial motto is Don’t Give Up (at least it was last time I was there). There’s various versions of it all round the office. At first I wasn’t sure I liked it. But I’ve grown to realise that it’s a really important skill and one that can’t be taught.

Everyone knows that passion for what you do is massively important. But it’s equally important to be able to hang onto that enthusiasm when it feels like the world is conspiring to beat it out of you.

I was at an IAB round table the other day chatting with people about ‘the industry’ and it’s really clear that no-one is finding it easy at the moment. Everyone’s got problems. Competition is hot for projects and is coming from all angles. It’s hard to find good people. Collaborations aren’t working properly. We’re still fighting the same old battles. But, perhaps if it was easy it’d be boring…

Don’t give up!

And whenever I’m having a hard time I always reassure myself with this simple thought: “My job’s not so bad, and at least nobody died”

Which makes me think of this clip from The Day Today, which makes me laugh, and then it’s all OK…

Note: this will only work until someone dies or gets killed at work, then I’ll be stuffed.

8 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s Hard”

  1. Iain. Please. Your a professional with a job. A good one at that.
    Have pity on poor students who are just graduating with a cookie-cut ‘advertising MA, which are taught by ATL veterans from the 80s.

    You, the employer, would probably find our degrees more valuable if used as bog-roll, rather than gems from which to steal, revolutionary, inspiring and original ideas.

    If you find it hard, how on earth are we supposed to find it?!
    Please. Inspire us…

    We are but seedlings ready to sprout. Too much rain and we shall float away in metaphorical pools of despair, disorientation and confusion.

  2. Aww shucks. Iain, does the lack of a post today reflect how tough it is in a digital agency?

    More posts! More posts! More posts!! :-) Give us some more!

  3. In 1980.. someone died. That was always my favourite Day today sketch.

  4. I’ve got the best job in the world… but there are still days that the peace loving me would love to give the odd DJ or producer a kick in the face. And then I think about what my dad did for a living and all of a sudden I remind myself that ‘It’s better than digging a hole’.

    Without wanting to sound like John Motson, positivity is the equivalent of the 12th man you ofter hear managers and commentators referring to when a crowd gets behind the team. Former bosses who had a positive outlook on life always got so much more out of me.

    Besides, in 1976 no one died. In 1977 no one died…

  5. So here’s the deal with DGU. (I rarely commit this to written words/let alone the interwebs) so listen up. :)

    I find myself in a bit of a cheerleader role with our clients and team here at POKE quite often. When I do my soapbox usually goes something like:

    “When you are working on something innovative and bringing that idea from concept to completion there are quite often a myriad of obstacles that stand before you. The target is moving. Especially in digital. Production, Client Partnership, Operational issues, Technical constraints, Inter-Agency politics (or lack thereof), Team morale and last but not least timeliness / newness.

    And that’s the easy shit to deal with.

    What’s more, many brands/clients have been misguided by years of dishonesty and brand degrading marketing efforts. They’re trained to neuter virility. They are scared and fascinated at the same time with the opportunity to innovate. They are being held to success metrics more than ever before. They are wound tight, to say the least.

    At the same time your clients are trembling, consumers are finding more time to engage with you. The pressure is on. A team to get the job done is harder to find. You are getting hit from every possible angle. You’ve got the ball and you are rumbling towards the Try-Zone. And All. These. Things. Stand. In. Your. Way.

    What’s left? Where do you turn?

    Your attitude. Your passion. You’re stick-to-itiveness. Because when you’ve finally gotten there – you’ve really achieved something if you’ve done it in this market.

    Don’t Give Up. That is all.

    Sorry if the link didn’t work. Tater, maybe you can fix that for me? :)

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