FHM Go Beatboxing – So Nearly Brilliant

A guy from FHM learns to beatbox. Then enters the UK Beatbox Championships. The video is really nice, fun and kind of educational.

“Buh, keh, buh, keh, ts, ts. I’m getting it. I’m really getting it…”

The clip above is basically a teaser for the 2nd clip (hosted on FHM – so they get the ad revenue). Which should work really well – after the 1st clip I really wanted to find out how he gets on at the championships.

Problem is they missed a trick – in the video above they don’t give the URL of the 2nd clip or even tell you that it exists. Which means when it’s embedded, like above, you don’t get the message. It’s only if you view it on YouTube that you find the link to the other clip (it’s in the info about the video).

When you’re doing distributed stuff, never forget the importance of clear signposts.

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