Hooray For The Design Police

bad design

I’ve been banging on to a couple of designers about how they need to start up something like this. They need to hunt down and bring to justice all of the horrible design that keeps creeping into some of our documents. Now someone’s done all the hard work. All we need to do is print out the stickers.

And it’s not just design crimes. There’s also stickers to highlight conceptual and stylistic crimes too…

Thank you design police.

2 thoughts on “Hooray For The Design Police”

  1. Fantastic. Now can we have one for writers: ‘Spell properly’; ‘Incorrect apostrophe’; ‘Not a verb’; ‘Cliché’; etc, etc. (Good to see tone of voice already gets a mention.)

  2. sometimes some proper stickers can be useful in the real life!
    disgusted by bad design on the street? obsession with perfection or more simply…good taste? this designer couldn't stand anymore.
    take a look:

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