I Can’t Watch…

This is me presenting “10 Reasons Why Digital is ‘Better’ than Advertising” at the PSFK conference in London. I can’t even bear to hear recordings of my own voice so there’s no way that I’m going to be able to watch this… (I tried watching a few seconds from the middle and I’m absolutely certain that it isn’t me up there).

Especially after I’ve just had this email from Jim:

Hi Iain,

Couldn’t sleep last night and somehow found myself watching your 10 reasons vid on pfsk – you’ll be pleased to know it did the trick and I dropped straight off ;)



I’m going to call him ‘Mean Jim’ from now on.

8 thoughts on “I Can’t Watch…”

  1. we come here steal their jobs, steal their women and now we’re stealing the limelight… nice one

  2. Well said, sir. I don’t think the great British public (aka our clients’ customers) care about the traditional/digital divide, so why should we? The interesting part will be when everything is just digital content out there…which doesn’t feel like it’s too far off. And hey Mean Jim, you are sooo mean.

  3. I’m Iain’s mum and I’m okay with mean Jim. I fell asleep just after the bit in the video with the wooden vest and woke up a few slides later. Did I miss anything?

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