How to make unique Moo Invite Cards


I love Moo Cards – they’re great.

But I’ve always wondered how they could be made more ‘useful’. This blog post on how managed to print unique invite codes on a bunch of cards shows how, with a tiny bit of imagination you can use bits of technology to hack together all kinds of things. And this is one even I can understand!

How to make unique Moo Invite Cards

(Plus it uses the concatenate function in spreadsheets which is personally my favourite function)

2 thoughts on “How to make unique Moo Invite Cards”

  1. Personally, I can never be bothered with CONCATENATE in Excel.

    Compare these two expressions (with identical output)

    =CONCATENATE(A1,” world”)
    =A1&” world”

    see? 13 fewer keystrokes.

    (God, but I’m off topic & a bit boring, aren’t I? Sorry, but I have a burning need to share useful Excel tips. NB: This doesn’t work in Google Spreadsheets)

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