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I did something very simple with Twitter that I quite like.

I took the RSS feed from my ‘friends’ page. Then fed it into the Mac RSS screensaver (which is installed as standard on a Mac). Now whenever my screensaver activates I get a rundown of what my friends are doing. I guess if you have updates on it’s kind of pointless, but I don’t so it’s a nice passive way to get a snapshot of what people are up to.

It looks a little something like this:

Twitter Screensaver
from iaintait

10 thoughts on “Twitter Screensaver”

  1. Only problem is, when your screen saver activates, it’s likely because you’re away from your computer so you won’t get the updates. Everyone else will though. :-)

  2. you should know that I fall asleep at my computer a lot, when I wake up I see my screensaver ;-)

  3. I’m sure someone out there could work out a way to make this a great advertising system – rss screensavers have been around for a while – but what about offering people a chance to promote their feeds to a subscribed audience – targeted by keywords – Twitter would be a great basis – then again I usually walk off when the screensaver is on lol

  4. I attempted to do this by dragging and dropping the friends list rss from my twitter but it didn’t seem to work with mine for some reason. Anybody else experience this? Is it because it’s password protected? Any way around it?

  5. The way round the passowrd protection is to set system preferences as always allow on the twitter keychain item in keychain access. I’ve done this but the date always reads out 1st January 2001. Anyone have any ideas how to change this?
    Many thanks

  6. I’d like a screensaver that can show (specifically) the RSS-feed of a Twitter search result (so you get to see feeds from all kinds of people about subjects you like), popping up and floating in nice Twitter-like balloons with pictures of posters. Without having to sign up for Twitter.

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