Google Maps Adventure Game for Penguin

Malice Box

If you’re into adventure type games. Or just want to win some great prizes. Or are a real nerd and want to see how we’ve used Google Maps as part of our quest interface. Head over to, something Poke have put together for Penguin to promote the launch of a new mystic-thriller book called, strangely enough, The Malice Box.

Tom and Cookie, two of the other Poke folk who worked on the game have also written bits about it on their blogs. In fact I think Cookie sums it all up rather well:

The book is a bit like the Da Vinci Code – a dude runs about the place, solving puzzles and saving the world…For the online game we created, you get to navigate the globe using Google maps. Basically you solve puzzles, guess locations of ‘Red Gold’ on the map and win prizes. Go check it out and play the game and at

Oh, and if you’ve been paying attention this is the game that I was trying to find a scriptwriter for ages ago! And thanks to some helpful blog readers we eventually found Tim Wright, who was great to work with. Hooray for blogs!

3 thoughts on “Google Maps Adventure Game for Penguin”

  1. Didn’t realise this was you dude!

    I got the email from Penguin and, being the geeky type that I am, signed up right away.

    Nice work!

  2. You can't bring yourselves to like it because it's butt ugly and massive. Maybe it'll look better in person . . . most cars do.

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