Finally! A place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5

Fiverr 2013 The place for people to share things they2019re willing to do for $5

The place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5. Seriously, you can pay people $5 and they do these things for you…

Just a few examples from today’s front page:

I will send 10,000 visitors to any website for $5
I will sing, play and record a short jingle for $5
I will create a screen print t-shirt design for you in Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator for $5
I will send out Ad to my 13,000+ Followers about Your Business for $5
I will answer your Canadian Immigration questions for 20 min… 20+ years working in Canadian Immigation for $5
I will convert your baby into animal costume for $5
I will design flash intros for your site for $5
I will write 3 SEO friendly blogs for you on any topic of your choice for $5

And my favourite:

I will record anything in Norwegian for you for $5
I am a sweet Norwegian girl who will record anything you wish (preferably clean) for two minutes … (by melonlove)
(Note: only preferably)

Is this the future of employment? Are all our skills going to be fragmented like this and sold piecemeal? We’ll be buying it all through iTunes you mark my words…


4 thoughts on “Finally! A place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5”

  1. Simply amazing. I don't know whether to be baffled that people will stoop that low to make $5, or applaud the site for giving people a chance to be seen/heard. While this is particularly interesting for people looking to network (let's face it, that's what marketing is all about these days) and freelance, the price seems unfair for honest services.

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