I’m A Very Lucky Man Part 2 – Love

The guys at Love sent the most incredible Christmas gift today.

They’re a set of 12 mugs styled like an amazing modern version of the Willow Pattern, they show modern China, in china. They describe it much better than me:

Aaaah, Willow Pattern Mugs - How Nice

I wanted to keep them all, but that felt a bit mean, so I gave them to the first 12 people to come and claim one from my desk. Here’s some photos.

Bloody brilliant. Even the box was one of the greatest boxes I’ve ever had the pleasure to receive.

Sophie was a bit cross though, she wanted me to bring them home because they’re so nice. I’d buy another set if they were for sale, but it doesn’t look like they are – yet…

3 thoughts on “I’m A Very Lucky Man Part 2 – Love”

  1. That’s one of the coolest things I’ve seen. It combines two of my favourite things – rampant growth under capitalism disguised as communism, and tea.

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