Crackunit is not a Dad-Blog

As soon as I found out I was going to be a dad I vowed to myself that I wasn’t going to turn Crackunit into a dad-blog. That was about 6 months ago. And I’m still determined that this isn’t going to become a dad-blog.

But as of last week I’ve decided that I need to make an exception. Just once.

It’d be rather strange not to. Carrying on posting normal stuff as if nothing has happened would be odd. Because something has happened. Something amazing. Something wonderful. Something shocking. Something terrifying. In fact something that has pretty much whacked me and Sophie with every emotion going.

Last Sunday morning at 9am Sophie gave birth to our twins. Two amazing little girls called Eleanor and Josie.

It wasn’t a total shock – we knew there were twins on the way. But they decided to arrive 12 weeks early. So they’re very very tiny. Eleanor weighed in at 2lbs 11oz and Josie at 2lbs 13oz.

They’re in a special baby unit wired up with tubes and sensors and are being looked after by some of the most amazing wonderful doctors and nurses. There’s nothing like a difficult delivery in an operating theatre and a spell in an intensive care baby unit to make you feel like everything you do is worthless. Saving the lives of mothers and babies, that’s a proper job and no mistake.

Here’s a photo of Josie:


And here’s Eleanor – she’s under a lamp to help sort out a touch of Jaundice – hence the Kanye West style shades:

eleanor under lamp_110809_0124

The girls are doing OK. Their breathing is good. All the vital signs are as good as they can be. And they seem to be getting stronger day by day. Having said that it’s a real rollercoaster – one minute things are great. The next something looks a bit scary and some new procedure or course of treatment has to start.

Sophie is doing well too. There’s nothing like going through something like ‘that’ to make you realise how much you love someone.

Our friends, families and random strangers have all been amazing. The congratulations, positive thoughts and promises of keeping things crossed have been amazing. Almost without exception every kind email or text message has in some way managed to make me cry (in a good way). In fact everything is able to make me cry right now. I’ve never cried such complicated tears before. Each one contains: pride, love, happiness, joy, fear, worry, relief and much more besides.

But we’re going to hold off on celebrating until we get a bit closer to the finish line.

As you can imagine blogging about social media doesn’t really seem that important right now. Maybe it never will again.

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  1. Congrats on the two girls! Nicely written article too. All the best to you and your family.

  2. Wow. Wowowowowowowow. AMazing. This news gave me tingles, so amazing Iain. Well done everyone involved. If you need anything at all, if there’s anything I can do please let me know. I have only the smallest inkling of what’s going on with you, I know about the new baby thing but not about the 12-weeks-early-2-at-once thing. Really fabulous news. Did I say amazing? Amazing. Lots of love. M

  3. Well done the four of you! I haven’t experienced the extra drama as you have, but things will indeed never be the same again. You get to grips with the “anything can make me cry”, but it does re-surface every so often. Which is nice :)

    All the best! Irakli

  4. Congratulation!! I have been following you site for great inspiration and thank you for all that you have put up in the past years ..

    And ALL THE BEST to your family and especially wish for the best health for the little ones….

  5. Hey Iain. Don’t really know what say, truly amazing, wishing you all the best. Generating your own lifeforms kicks ass.

    Although if you even think about hooking them up to an arduino or anything like that for the next few months I will burn your house down.

    Pass on congratulations and happy thoughts to your whole family too.

  6. Huge congratulations iain and hold tight on the rollercoaster ride of the next few days/weeks/months/years. No need to turn crackunit into a dadblog, but I bet you will have fun learning from wired up digital natives.

  7. I’ve been there. 9 weeks early and one of those one-in-3-million strokes of bad luck. He stayed in neonatology for 6 months, we lived in the hospital for 6 months. A 6-months emotional rollercoaster.
    This weekend he did his first jump on a BMX, learned to dive head-first in a pool and stole his sister’s dessert.
    Science is amazing. Hang in there, they will.

  8. Congratulations Iain. I don’t know, I’ve never met you and maybe never will, but my thoughts are with you in what has to be one of the most intensely emotional experiences anyone will face. I’ve two kids, both with their fair share of dramas pre and post birth, and both now well versed in causing mayhem, devising schemes to torment the hell out of each other and their parents, and cultivating interesting and sometimes mind blowing tastes in music (they are 10 and 12 yrs old). I can only echo Christian’s comments, kids have an inbuilt indestructible gene, (it never goes away either, believe me).

    Remember this, nobody died because a website went out late or a banner didnt deliver. An argument with your eldest son about the merits of solo Lou Reed vs Velvet Underground, however, will become a matter of life and death in about 12 years time.

    Good luck, you’re both in for the ride of your life…!

  9. Congratulations Iain. Being a new dad myself, I know how you feel. Its the biggest rollercoaster you’ve ever ridden and it gets better and better and better…

    Big love to your two girls and may they continue to grow healthy and strong.

  10. HUGE congratulations to Sophie and you. They look tiny (12 weeks early IS early so they would be) but adorable and I really hope they’re back home from the hospital happy and healthy as soon as can be. I know it must be an amazing and emotional time, so very warm wishes.

  11. Ian
    We’ve never met, but I’ve always enjoyed your blog.
    Just read your latest, congrats to you both. As a new dad 9 months ago my thoughts
    are with you. Hang in there and hold tight. You’re in my thoughts.


  12. Fantastic post. Fantastic news. And fantastic to see somebody who’s produced digital work that’s inspired you, getting very real with things in RealWorld. All the very best, I never have, nor maybe will meet you guys at Poke, but my thoughts are with you and your family.

    Oh, and remember, for all your digital experience, you’ll be asking them how to work the technology in your house and operate your mac before you know it :-)


  13. I’m a regular reader but have never posted until now, good luck and congrats! I’ve got to go back to ‘thinking how to sell stuff’ now, seems a little insignificant after reading that.

  14. congratulations mate

    at the end of the day crackunit is about the way you see things. If that is now a little different due to two lovely girls in your life. Then so be it. I think its alright to do a little daddy time

  15. Wonderful news. Congratulations and I’m sending great happiness to you all.

    Take care.

  16. Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful girls, Iain – my best wishes to the whole family. Hope all goes well :)

  17. congrats to you and your family. i’ve followed your blog for some time now, and have no idea who you are. but having two daughters myself, i feel, makes us connected. i wish you all the best, and hope/expect to see promising updates on your two girls in the near future. cheers.

  18. Congrats to you and your family. Hope you all get home soon. It’s an amazing ride and somehow I know you’re all going to love it.

  19. Congratulations to the 4 of you and hope you all get home soon. You’ll find the journey you’re now on is considerably more satisfying than social media…It’s a good offline ying to your online yang ;o)

  20. All the best with the new ladies. Hope everything goes well!

  21. hey iain, like lots of other people leaving their comments, we’ve never met but i’m a regular reader.

    i know the ups and downs of having a dramatic birth for your child. not that it was really anywhere near as dramatic as yours, but i can empathise with the feeling of helplessness and the massive tide of emotion that crashes over you when it’s done.

    the girls look beautiful. like everyone else has said, big congratulations. and hope they are home very soon indeed.

  22. Congratulations on your new arrivals, and wishing you the very best for their speedy coming home.

  23. Huge congrats to you both and much love and best wishes – egging the girls on with that fighting spirit xx

  24. Congratulations Iain.. and my best wishes are with you and the little twins. Looking forward to more daddy-posts on this blog :)

  25. Congratulations! They’re so tiny and beautiful!

  26. shit me. my wife is 10 weeks out and I can’t begin to think about that level of anxiety. fingers crossed, fella.

  27. Thanks for sharing Iain. Feel free to make it a Dad-blog for a while yet. All the best to all.

  28. Iain – I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now as most of your posts often seem to nail what I’ve been subconsciously thinking but was unable to articulate.

    You’ve done it again – I too became a dad on Sunday earlier than expected and our son (Paddy) arrived prematurely. We too have had unbelievable support from NHS mid wives, nurses and doctors. It is truly humbling and the NHS is perhaps one of the last truly great bastions we should be rightly proud of.

    Massive congratulations & good luck over the next weeks, months and years – I look forward to reading the adventures the four of you have just embarked on.

  29. congrats iain and all the best to you and your family! a shame i missed you when i was at poke a few weeks ago…

  30. Iain, many congratulations to you all – that’s astounding news. Fingers and toes crossed for your gorgeous girls and wishing you and Sophie much love and strength over the next few weeks. Keenly awaiting more baby blog posts! All best, Rory

  31. oh well done. Know it’s hard when they first come out, you only feel that someone has to touch you for you to leak all over your face. I remember my boy had to have the sunbed treatment too. I found it both harrowing and hilarious. Especailly as everyone in the hospital acts as if it’s normal, which it is for them.

    I do remember thinking ‘if only there was a manual that came with them, because for once, I would certainly read it.’

    Good luck and all the best.

  32. Tears in my eyes as I read this.

    Thinking of you all.

    Enormous love to the little ones.

    Amelia x

  33. Congrats from a fellow premmie parent – little Charley 11 weeks early is nearly 5 going on 15. It’s hard for a while and you feel like the hospital stint will never end, but they will get through it. :)

  34. wow. congratulations! lots of little bundles of love and good luck being packaged up and sent to you via the wonders of the interwebs to you and the whole family ;-)

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