Let Them Eat Cake. Pringle Cake!

They may crunch like a crisp and taste like a crisp, but Pringles are now officially closer to a cake than a potato snack. Judges have ruled that Pringles could soon be VAT free after P&G managed to convince law-lords that their addictive crack-snacks are actually cakes.

The law is an ass.

From the Telegraph, via Chris Reed via the Twittersphere.

10 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake. Pringle Cake!”

  1. Ben Coren of Grey Advertising, their agency, told me that P&G want to get rid of the brand because its not healthy.

    So I see they don’t mind making more profit out of them.


  2. For the same reasons (ie VAT), the manufacturer of Jaffa Cakes did prove that they are in fact cakes, not biscuits as the taxman claimed. The turning point of the case was that cakes go hard when they go stale whereas biscuits go soft. (Thanks QI).

    So: What are stale Pringles like? I’d have thought that they go all soft -ergo, not a cake.

    Or are they pumped so full of chemicals that they never do?

  3. Jason, I’d heard the soft/hard biscuit/cake thing too. And in my experience Pringles go softer if you leave them out. So I agree, they’re biscuits. Damn.

  4. I couldn’t believe it when one of my firends Lizzie volunteered this information. I mean can you believe pringles are actually cakes. This is amazing. Thank-you Lizzie for letting us all know – I know Natalie has already been on the phone and told her whole family.
    Laura however was more concerned with the film she watched last night “perfume” which she highly recommends

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