Facebook Add To Friends QR Code

This is bloody great.

Facebook app + QR code. Sounds like someone playing ‘cool shit mashup’. But here something’s been made that is much greater than the sum of its parts.

It’s really simple. You add the Facebook app. Click ‘make my tshirt’. And you’re pretty much done. A custom QR code t-shirt is generated that you can buy immediately.

(If you’re still not getting it, basically if someone takes a photo of the funny thing on the front of your t-shirt you’ll be added to their friends on Facebook).

Whether you’d actually buy or wear one, that’s not the point. It’s just one of those really simple ideas that makes me go: “Yeah, that’s cool, I’m a bit jealous”.

Add to friends Moo stickers – I think that’s what I want… In fact they shouldn’t be too hard to hack together – provided that the stickers are big enough and hi-res enough to capture the required detail for a QR code… Hmmmm

Via: The ever excellent Random Culture

18 thoughts on “Facebook Add To Friends QR Code”

  1. the codes do work on Moo stickers.
    I know people that have done it.
    Plus do you remember getting your Moo stickers… I’m pretty sure mine had one QR code as part of the bonus 8 you get…

  2. Charlie – you are so right. On my walk to the train I remembered that there is a dummy QR code in the sample pack…

    I wonder if I could squeeze a bit of text in there too…

    Time for some experiments I think.

  3. James – nice spot on the guy with the freaky arms.
    I could sense something wasn’t quite right…

  4. It’s a heriditary condition, alright? I thought when I left school I’d finally be free of the immature mocking of my RPE (reverse polarity elbows), but no, thanks to you guys it’s started all over again.

    Yeah, thanks.
    Johnny Backward-Arms

  5. He’s also got a penchant for horrible shades of green. Maybe because he doesn’t have eyes in the back of his head.

  6. Cor it’s all getting a bit technologically advanced for me, but Iain – have you thought of getting a shirt for you lot at Poke ( with the inevitable line “Poke Us” ) directing people to your website??
    You may end up with a lot of japanese friends…

  7. Facebook Add To Friends QR Code sound and looks cool! Do you have other shirt colors available?

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