My Mini Adventure

I sort of wrote myself an unwritten rule that I wouldn’t blog this.

But when I did a search for Mini Adventure London and nothing came up, I felt a bit bad. Mini have obviously spent a lot of money on an awesome piece of experiential marketing. Actually I’m not sure it is. It was an awesome experience. But I’m not sure how good the marketing actually is, given that I couldn’t find any mention of it online. And I reckon they can only have managed to give about 100 or so people the experience per day.

I’m not going to give the whole game away as I’m sure that they’re touring this experience. If you see a bunch of new Minis that look like shrunken black cabs you should try to get a go.

Basically a guy asked us if we wanted to go on a Mini Adventure. We were on lunch break and said yes. We got taken on a test-drive around East London showing off all the features of the new Mini, in a fun way, lots of local history, chit chat, etc. Then at the end there was a section of freaky performance art/drama that culminated in a big surprise. I shall say no more… For now…

It was fun though. And I did quite like the car. Even if the dashboard did look a bit Noddy.

4 thoughts on “My Mini Adventure”

  1. Oooh. They have a rank of these outside the office on Great Titchfield Street. Brilliant little idea.

    Would be amazed if it was Blast Theory – last thing I saw them do was day of the Figurines, and that seems like it was on a whole different scale

  2. I agree, I went on this, thought the experience was good, but wondered if anyone would actually photo/blog/PR it, and was dissapointed to find noone had…

    a bit of thinking about how to get riders to publish their experience – e.g. giving people a card so they could pick up pics/vides of themselves, Alton Towers style (or something cleverer) – would help a lot.

    Also the experience is very private – you can’t really easily/quickly explain it and make it sound good to other people, which is a shame.

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