Jobs on Zune

From Fast Company: Steve Jobs on the iPod .Vs Zune . Steve Jobs blasts the ability to ‘send’ music to other people via Microsoft’s new Zune player (apparantly it takes a long time and they can only play the DRM enabled track 3 times):

You’re much better off to take one of your earbuds out and put it in
her ear. Then you’re connected with about two feet of headphone cable

I can see the Microsoft ads now: Zune – sharing music without the earwax!

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3 thoughts on “Jobs on Zune”

  1. Well may you laugh at the sharing of earphones, but I reckon this is a consumer insight.

    I’ve watched my daughter do it with several of her friends. It’s how they share and discuss new music they have downloaded to their iPods.

    If one of the kids likes the song they have shared via the earphone experience they simply search and download it when they get home.

    I told her about the Zune’s ability to share and she said, “That’s pretty cool but why bother when it won’t play after a couple of listens.”

  2. I completely agree – its just as useless as that “lets-rotate-the-movie-because-they-have-turn-the-ipod-around” feature on the touch. Why not just make the movie best fit for the screen all the time and make the user move their hands? Its an IPOD not a CRT monitor……

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