Ether: Sell what you say

Ether LogoA new site. In ‘zeta’! (Via TechCrunch) Yoiks.

This sounds interesting. And a recipe for disaster if done badly.

Basically you set up your Ether number (a freephone number) through the site, and set your rate in $. Then when people call you for advice they’ve been setup and their card has been authorised. The longer you talk the more they pay.Ether: Sell Therapy, Counseling, Tax Advice, Computer Help, and More – Sell what you say

A sample list of sellers can be seen here.

I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t degenerate into lots of smut talk lines very fast. And it doesn’t look like it’s got a user ratings thing either which it should have really. Otherwise how am I supposed to know if the person can be trusted or not.

But I still think selling your time online in this way is an interesting idea.

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