What's hot on YouTube

Really useful breakdown of the 100 most viewed clips on YouTube. Nice work: No Man’s Blog: YouTube trends report #1

The top line is that of the top 100:

  • 58 are user generated content
  • 31 are music videos
  • 4 are commercial adverts
  • 3 are commercial virals
  • 2 are movie trailers
  • 2 are Asian tv show clips

There’s further breakdown of the user generated content on the site. But interesting to see that ‘real’ ads have been more viral than ‘viral’ ads. Goes back to the whole viral is bad, viral is good (stuff) argument from before.

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Mentos Do Good


Mentos Turns Coke/Mentos Geysers Into Video Contest – this article says it as well as I could, so I’m not going to repeat it. But I suppose you need to know what it is, so here’s a quick summary.

Put Mentos in Coke. Booooooosh. Quite funny. People video it. Youtube. Phenomenon. Mentos respond. Coke don’t.

Also featured on Random Culture with some good links.

How hip hop changed

Modern hip hop videos don’t look like this…

Thought it was interesting as a social snapshot of the early 80s in New York. Plus there’s some great fashions and urban landscapes in there.

Get a Mac – TV Ads

screen grab mac tv ads

Apple – Get a Mac – Watch The TV Ads – OK, they’re playing up all the old stereotypes, but they’re well casted, well written and don’t mess about. Expect about a gazillion spoofs from PC lovers on YouTube before the week is out…

Stephen Colbert – Amazing Video

There’s been lots of stuff in the press about this address from a Whitehouse dinner. Stepen Colbert gives one of the funniest and most cutting speeches I’ve ever heard. Absolutely ripping into George W. – who’s sitting right next to him. You really have to watch this (it’s in three parts on YouTube).

Part 1:

Part 2
Part 3

Damn, he took a beating.

And furthermore, Bush takes to the stage with an impersonator. This bit just confused the hell out of me, he seems to be joining-in taking the piss out of himself. He’s either a really good sport, or an idiot (or perhaps a measure of each).

YouTube’s Big Bill

In the last 6 months video has really started to take off online. There’s a whole host of new video sharing sites springing up. But hosting video costs money. Lots of money.

This article: Your Tube, Whose Dime? – Forbes.com estimates that YouTube are spending $1m on hosting every month. That’s quite a lot for a startup. It also looks at how the hosting companies are making money out of it and some alternatives.

User Generated Content

Well this is the reality of it.

This lovingly crafted piece of home-made UK hip-hop has spawned absolutely loads of mashups / remixes / re-edits. Just shows there’s nowt as queer as folk eh. Oh, and just to prove that entrepreneurialism is alive and well you can now get your own Kersal Massive hoodies, etc.

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