Merry Christmas and Muppet Hip Hop

I’ve had a nice Christmas, hope you have too.

This clip made me feel ready for NYE:

via: Musiclikedirt

54 Million Views For A Ticking Noise

I’m sure most of you have seen this. But I saw it again the other day and was as tickled by it as I was the first time I saw it. Such a simple lovely little thing. And it’s got 54 million views and counting. That’s a lot of views. But I’m guessing it’s the kind of thing that the average nipper would probably watch over, and over, and over, again. Probably about 50 times each. Maybe that’s the secret of getting a top ranking YouTube clip. Kiddie-crack. Or at the very least something think about making things that stand up to repeated viewing.

Potter Puppet Pals, I salute you…

Pure genius

Urban Play Amsterdam – Moving Forest

I was in Amsterdam at the weekend and was lucky enough to pass through a bunch of things that were going on as part of the Urban Play festival.

I particularly liked the mobile forest.

Trees In Trolleys - Urban Play Amsterdam

Trees In Trolleys - Urban Play Amsterdam

Urban Play Amsterdam - Moving Forest

I’m not sure it was supposed to be this mobile…

Trees In Trolleys - Urban Play Amsterdam

But when I spotted this lone tree in a courtyard it all seemed to make sense for a brief moment…

Trees In Trolleys - Urban Play Amsterdam

Also liked the Cycle Recycle Cycle thing where you could pimp your old bike Bollywood style…

Cycle Recycle - Urban Play Amsterdam

Cycle Recycle - Urban Play Amsterdam

And then there’s the sad story of Sagmeister’s coins…

Urban Play Amsterdam - Sagmeister Was Here

If you want to see the whole story you can check out this video…

Wario Land – Shake it! Wii Advertising

YouTube - experiencewii's Channel

This YouTube Channel for Wario Land is great. We’ve seen the technique before, but it really works here and was a genuine surprise. (Sorry, I guess I’ve spoiled it already, but take a look).

And the game looks great too. The Wario franchise has always had some neat interface innovations, this looks to continue that tradition.

There was one thing that disappointed me a bit; the clip looks embeddable (as a bit of Flash) from the YouTube page. I almost peed my pants when I thought that I could embed the clip and it’d shake my blog to bits when someone played the video from my post. But unfortunately not. Or at least the embedding didn’t work at all for me.

This has been featured by the always on-the-ball fellows at Adverblog, but thanks to Iain at Moo for the tip off.

Techno Viking’s Route on Google Maps

Größere Kartenansicht

Thanks to Andy Polaine for the link to the map.

I couldn’t help but open it in Goolge Earth.

Google Earth

Then I started fantasising about how great it’s going to be once they add Street View to Berlin. Then I can retrace the footsteps of the mighty one.

Here he is again, just in case you’ve forgotten his immense power:

More Church and Bass

YouTube - Holy Ghost VS Twisted Individual & MC GQ - @ Baptazia - part 1

It’s like a funny sledgehammer. Crude but brutally effective. I love the fact they’ve started using annotations to add another layer of humour too.

And another…

It can’t be long before someone does one of these as a proper promo video…

And Baptazia is a genius name for a religio-rave.

Thanks to Garry at Anorak for this new tip off. Nice one.

5 Games You Need to Know About

I’m not a hardcore gamer. I play games very occasionally. I’d like to spend more time doing it. But I think I’ll save it till I retire. Games are bound to be super-awesome then and I’ll have loads of time to waste.

Here are 5 games that have caught my attention for various reasons, and they all have things going for them that I think make them at least mildly interesting for anyone involved with interactive things of one shape or another. And I reckon you can drop all 5 of these into gamer conversations without fear of someone saying they’re shit – I could be very wrong on this though.

First up Braid. Available on Xbox 360 as a download. And seemingly causing a lot of people to go out and buy Xboxes…

It’s a lovely looking platform game. All cutesy and painty-styled. But the big twist with the game is that you can muck around with time. When you die you can rewind time and go back to where you were. Or at any point you choose you can just do a quick rewind or ffwd. But depending on the level it works slightly differently each time. It’s quite hard to explain, I’m not even sure I fully grasp it, but this video helped…

It gets absolutely amazing reviews everywhere. I’m sure a lot of it is because it’s taken a classic format and done something to it that everyone is just going ‘damn I wish I’d thought of that first…’.

Equally I’ve always been a big fan of the idea that the web and computers allow us to mess with the standard laws of time and space (like being able to warp to different bits of a supermarket using just a search box). But it’s hard to get your brain to think of paradigms that don’t have real world equivalents.

We need more things like Braid that abuse our expectations of normality.

Which is a beautiful anti-segue into something that’s all about the wonders of physics, motion and gravity. Crayon Physics Deluxe has been seen millions of times and is hardly new. But in case anyone hasn’t seen it…

There is actually a playable sort of prototype (PC) that you can get from the website. But the deluxe version isn’t ready yet.

And if that’s all a bit crayony for you, perhaps Little Big Planet on the PS3 might be more your thing. It just looks stunning. And there’s a huge part of the fun which is creating your own worlds / levels and characters.

Here’s a drool-inducing gameplay montage:

It looks like it could be the awesomest thing ever.

But back to basics for now. I love simple games. They’re the games I can relate to best. Ones that don’t take hours of investment. Ones where I don’t need to learn anything. Games that are just instantly loveable and fun.

Step up: Coign of Vantage. It’s a simple little online game, that’s fiendishly brilliant. All you have to do is rotate your point of view until a picture appears. This picture won’t do it any justice at all:

coign of vantage | bobblebrook | delightful free online games

It’s just lovely. And the way that it introduces ‘how to play’ is a lesson to us all. Absolutely beautiful. I’m certain that the game has a directly educational benefit too, in terms of both spacial recognition and manipulation of 3d environments.

Please take a couple of minutes out to go and have a play. It’s fab.

Pure joy.

And finally Music Catch. This is just so calming and soothing and wonderful. Again massively simple. Just collect little shapes. But it’s the way that it uses the music to generate the gameplay that’s really sweet…

And you can play it right here, in the page. How good is that!

The music it comes with is perfect too. You can download a desktop version for a small price, this includes a number of tracks, as you play you unlock more. Or you can load up your own MP3s as the soundtrack to generate the gameplay. Nice.

If you want to keep up with casual games online, this site looks to be really good – I found it when researching music catch.