Post It Note Experiments

By the eepybird guys.

I’m not the first. And I won’t be the last to post it. But some things are just good…

EepyBird’s Sticky Note experiment from Eepybird on Vimeo.

Examples of Amazing Augmented Reality

I’ve been doing a bit of digging around the whole Augmented Reality thing recently and thought I ought to share a few of my favourite things…

Carcade – cool!

Micro Machines on AR acid

Absolutely and totally mind-blowing game taking place on table top…

This demo gets stunning towards the end:

A not-game use for AR:

And even Radio 1 have been getting in on the act…

Further Reading:

Fun fun fun.

Ramsay Gets Gamed

Hell's Kitchen

Jeez, is there nothing that can’t be turned into a video game these days – now Gordon Ramsay gets the video game makeover.

Chef Ramsay watches players’ every move and judges them as they progress by yelling at them, praising them or shutting down the kitchen if their skills don’t meet his expectations.

As players progress, they’ll gain access to authentic Gordon Ramsay recipes, including many that are offered exclusively to game owners.

You can read more here if you like.

Personally I’m holding out for Wife Swap on the Wii.

Chaos on My Desk

I got in this morning and the cleaners had spilled some coffee/glue hybrid on my desk. It had gone all the way under a box file that I use to keep all my USB gadgets out of the way:

The Coffee Runs Under the Box

It was very firmly stuck fast:

Then I had to clean up. Which wasn’t easy. Sugary coffee forms a very very sticky substance indeed.

Me Cleaning The Aftermath

After a bit of tidying and re-arranging I now have the prefect working environment. Click through to Flickr to see the all important notes on what’s going on where.

The New UberDesk

Orange Unlit Tour – Welcome Hedluv

We’re putting on a tour with Orange. It’s part of the whole ‘I am’ thing. The Unlit Tour is about an artist going on the road and creating his own ‘I am’ story as he goes. The tour is going to be ‘made by everyone’. From the people who open up their houses to act as gig venues and the bands who’ve offered to support to the strange and wonderful randoms that Jont and Dave meet on their travels.

This video basically tells the story better than I could. It’s the film of their first few days on the road.

My particular highlight is a band called Hedluv who played in Penzance. They’re kind of like The Mighty Boosh meeting Goldie Lookin Chain in the keyboard section of Toys R Us.

To see them live watch about halfway through the video above.

Or here’s something else they made from YouTube:

On their website you can find such awesome things as HedLuv’s Online Pasty Guide.


I think someone ought to license them for the next Orange ad, quick.

Before someone else nabs them…

Don’t forget to have a look at The Unlit Tour site to see what else has been ‘going down’ (as the kids might say).

YouTube and Music

An odd thing happened to me on Saturday night. I was playing some music through the stereo via my laptop. Sophie started humming a tune that she wanted to hear and I thought I could recognise what it was. So I tried to find the track.

But instead of heading for the laptop I picked up my iPhone, and instead of going into iTunes I clicked on YouTube and searched for the video there. Within 5 seconds the track was playing.

I didn’t even think about what I was doing. It was a total autopilot first-reaction move.

But once I’d done it I thought about what had just happened.

I knew I had the track in my iTunes on my computer.


I also knew I had the track on vinyl in the loft (in a box).


And I knew I could probably find a version of it on or some other music site.

Jam & Spoon 2013 Stella 2013 Listen free at

But I instinctively knew that I’d find a full version of the track quickly and have it playing in seconds via YouTube, and by using my iPhone not my laptop I wouldn’t disturb what was playing. So that’s what I did.

Of course it’s not going to keep an audiophile happy. But I thought it was interesting that in the same way that IMDB is my goto for film YouTube has oddly become my goto for music (in that situation at least).

I just did it again with this amazing track (The Wanderer by Romanthony). I went straight to YouTube and nailed it. Then when I checked afterwards I couldn’t find a full version of it on And that’s what reminded me to write about it:

Anyone else finding themselves doing that, or is it just me?

An Amazing Animated Gif Video

Absolutely incredible – also from It’s just one long scrolling scene made up of thousands of animated gifs. I quite like the song too, it’s jolly.

Whoops, almost forgot the track is by The Sea and Cake and it’s called “Coconut”.

Bomb the Bass Butterfingers Video

I love this completely and utterly.

The track is amazing and the video is wonderfully simple…

It’s Butterfingers by Bomb the Bass (featuring Fujiya & Miyagi). There’s a high quality quicktime version here with much better audio.