Awesome ‘Green’ Sony Electronics

Sony are developing a range of concept products that don’t require chargers or batteries. They all use mechanical energy.

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My favourite is this mechnical camera with no display called ‘Spin ‘n’ Snap’. Photos from here.




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Boast it Notes

Nik’s set up a group called ‘Boast it Notes‘ on Flickr. It’s simple really. I don’t think I should even stoop to the level of explaining it. It came about after he set up a group on Flickr called ‘Street Style’ now it’s got 63 members and photos in it. It was a hole waiting to be filled. Maybe ‘boast it notes’ will be the same. Probably not.

But the whole notion using photos as notes is an interesting one. i found myself doing something rather odd on Saturday. I was going to someone’s house, and I had their address on my computer. But instead of sending it to my phone using some nonsense technology. Or writing it down, as a non-geek with a pen might do. I photographed it on my phone.

This might seem odd. But it was quick. Free. And less likely to be lost than a scrap of paper. Or maybe I’m just in love with my new Sony Ericsson K800i.

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PEZ MP3 Player

pez mp3 player

Who cares about Apple, Creative Labs, Sony and all those guys. Surely the best MP3 players simply have to be made by Pez. It’s got a tiny memory, looks really flmsy, the battery life is bound to be shocking. But there’s something strangely desirable about this PEZ MP3 Player.

The site I found it on has some other really nice stuff in stock too: nice teeshirts, rude trainers, and more.

Sony Ericsson and Blogger/Google

sony ericcson w950Sony Ericsson are adding Blogger support and Google Search to their new phones – nice tie-up for all concerned I reckons. Scheduled for Q2 this year.

Some nice views of the new Sony Ericsson handsets on their Cebit 2006 site. My current favourite is the W950.


sony blockjamI was checking out a BoingBoing post on LED puzzle blocks which look pretty awesome in themselves. But there’s a footnote that links to a Sony project called BlockJam which just blew me away. (Check the video of the prototype).

It’s a musical hardware interface made up of LED blocks that can be joined together to create musical structures.
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Bouncy Balls!

sony bouncy ballsSony Bouncy Balls TV advert. For me this is one of the greatest ads of recent times. Not only is it a thing of great beauty. It’s executed brilliantly. It demonstrates, in a way that everyone can understand, the key product benefit. Oh, and a lovely soundtrack too. [As an aside Veneer by Jose Gonzales is one of my favourite albums of the year so far].

But that’s only half the story…

The other side of what makes this ad so brilliant is the fact that so many people knew about the ad even before it had been edited. The use of Flickr to create buzz around the event of dropping the balls. The releasing of the ‘making of’ documentary before the advert itself.

Very very smart. My hat is off.