Hulger and Skype

hulger phoneNik, one of my co-partners at Poke has, in my opinion, finally nailed a proper useful-use for his Hulger Phones. Although an interesting design statement and a humerous novelty when attached to a mobile, I don’t think anyone would really use them in the longer term. But, they sure beat a crappy headset for VOIP. So a partnership with Skype seems like a winner to me!

Burger King Gets Farked

Burger King FarkAdrants covers BK getting ‘Farked’ – an interesting story of a brand getting stacks of exposure though an online community running away with their ‘icon’ and co-opting it in their own way. The article kind of makes it sound as if BK had a hand in it.

I was chatting with Rob from about this earlier and he spoke to Drew from Fark who made it very clear that there was absolutely nothing commercial about the Farking at all.

I’m in the process of writing a bigger piece on brands and viral subversion – I’ll post it soon…