Cap’n Jack Sparrow on The Train

Heading out of London Bridge this evening on the train. A pirate reading The London Paper. It’s not something you see every day.

Honestly this is a genuine photo taken on my iPhone on the way home.

Be Like Lil’ Wayne iPhone App


I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or download the thing and have a go.

Wanna know what it does. Well it gives you…


Here’s what they say:


That’s the problem. It sorta sounds fun. If you can’t resist, get it here.

A Dream Come True (and it’s Only Monday)

Safe falling out of a window

I’ve always wanted to see a safe fall out of a window (like in the cartoons).

This morning as I was walking down Commercial Street I saw a safe lying on the pavement!

A Safe On The Street

I don’t think it can have fallen out of a window. And the pallet sitting next to it would suggest that the safe fell off that somehow. But still in my heart I’m hoping that it fell from here:

Above the Safe

Seeing something this good on the way to work on a Monday must be a good omen for the week.