The Postal Service vs Apple

postal serviceI like the The Postal Service a lot. Their album is great. I also like Apple a lot. Their products are great. As has been well documented the latest Apple Intel Ad looks a lot like the video for “Such Great Heights” by the aforementioned band. Ben from The Postal Service expresses his disappointment on their site. But, in a sweet twist of irony the video ends up topping the iTunes video chart.

Shows the power of a bit of controversy online. The digital equivalent of kids standing round a schoolyard fight. “Scrap! scrap! scrap!”.

Techno Faux-Pas

Whilst browsing in Micro Anvika today I was looking at the plethora of digital music players, ranging from the gorgeously designed to the truly horrible. When out of the corner of my eye I saw one particular piece of gadgetary. I thought to myself “f**k me, that is the most horrible piece of ‘bling’ design I have ever seen in my life”. I assumed that it was an MP3 player (as that’s where it was placed in the shop). But when I found out what it was I felt shamed. Find out what it is…
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sony blockjamI was checking out a BoingBoing post on LED puzzle blocks which look pretty awesome in themselves. But there’s a footnote that links to a Sony project called BlockJam which just blew me away. (Check the video of the prototype).

It’s a musical hardware interface made up of LED blocks that can be joined together to create musical structures.
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