July Mix From The Loft


It’s been a little while since I climbed the ladder into the loft to put some more tracks into a mix. But that’s what I did at the weekend. And here’s the result.

I struggle with genres these days and when I go ‘up there’ to do a mix I tend to have an imaginary audience, place or time of day in my head. Then I try to do a mix that might work in that situation I’ve invented. I don’t know if that’s something that other people do, but it really helps me to focus and direct what I’m playing.

This mix was made for a made-up electronic radio station in San Francisco to be broadcast at 1am on a Saturday in July. It’ll never reach them and it’ll never get played there. But you can pretend it came from there if it helps.

Here’s the tracklist.

  1. Japan – Plastician
  2. Some Way Through This (Plastician and Skream Remix) – Black Ghosts
  3. Wide Road (Soulteks Morning Dub) – I:
  4. Pferd (The Mole’s Lost in The Woods Remix) – Pole
  5. Durch Die Nocht (Geiger Mix) – Dorau/Kohncke
  6. Revox (Deadset Chase the Dragon Remix) – Tim Green
  7. La Conga – Riva Starr
  8. Cornflake Boy (Solomun Dub Remix) – Marbert Rocel
  9. Butta (Original Mix) – Sassomatic
  10. Morphine (Frencesco Diaz Young Rebels Mix) – John Dahlback
  11. The Move To The Sun (Edit) – Serafin
  12. Classic Reality (Original Mix) – Jay Shepheard
  13. Smile and Receive (Apparat Mix) – Swayzak

EDIT: DivShare is down for maintenance. So I’ve stuck it on Rapidshare instead:

Download here: July Mix from The Loft

You can play it here:

Or if you want to take it away for your iPod you can download it below (you can’t just right click and save as, you have to visit DivShare to get it):

July Mix From the Loft 2008 (left click to download)

As usual most tracks are from Boomkat and Beatport – if you like any of the tracks in the mix please buy the originals and support the artists. Thank you. Message over.

14tracks.com – A New Boomkat Offering

I’ve whanged on about Boomkat before. They’re a great example of a niche e-commerce player – although I’m guessing they’re a pretty big niche player now. They sell music online – mainly electronic stuff – they started selling CDs and Vinyl and now their download site is getting pretty awesome too.

Their real strength has always been in their reviews and descriptions of the tracks – if I’d trust anyone in the world to get something right about a bit of electronic music it’d be these guys. It’s not easy writing fresh content around minimal-dub records that are all 12 minutes long and basically sound the same ;-)

They’ve just launched a new site which I really like. It’s called 14tracks.com and each week they editorially pick 14 tracks on a theme and batch them all up together and send out an email and update the site. You can then go and buy the playlist (or bits of it).

Why I like it:

What I don’t like:

  • It’s too expensive and there’s no discounts for buying lots.
  • There’s a couple of tricksy interfacey bits that are a bit yukky.

But what I really like is that it’s like going into a record shop full of really cool muso-DJ types and having them not treat you like a leper. Imagine that!

This time on 14 tracks: “14 tracks of narcotic House”
We just love the kind of slow and sultry House Music that’s been oozing out of the Berlin club scene in recent months. With its origin in the paralysed shuffle of Detroit’s Theo Parrish and Moodymann, this is the kind of music that’s in no rush to draw you in, often making use of deep basslines and crushed percussion to play tricks on the senses. There are direct parallels between these tracks and the more robust patterns that typify Dubstep, and with a woozy aesthetic that makes much of this music sound like it’s about to fall apart there are also direct links with the Wonky hip hop that’s making waves in 2008. Even if you’ve never been into club music, we reckon this is just about as evocative and heady as it gets…

The interesting bit

What’s interesting to me is that they’ve effectively created their own affiliate store. One that feels and behaves totally different from their main store.

I like the fact they’ve taken a bit of a punt on it. But it seems like a pretty logical thing to do. If you’ve got a bunch of people who understand their stock better than anyone else, why not let them repackage it and reformat it in a way that’s right for them and their friends/audience?

  • Why shouldn’t Amazon encourage their Rock buyers set up a site that sells tracks on a black background with lots of fire and frizzy hair on it.
  • Why shouldn’t TopShop encourage their Style Advisors to go and set up their own ‘rival’ sites that editorialise stuff in their own way?

What’s the worst that could happen? I suppose the sites could be shit and make the brand look stupid.

Interestingly 14 Tracks is getting a very mixed response in the comments. But people who like it will use it, and those who don’t won’t. It’d have to be really bloody awful to ever be damaging enough to put people off the Boomkat master brand.

Radiohead – Obsolete Hardware Remix

This is absolutely incredible. So nicely done.

As I’ve said before I like the idea of Radiohead more than I actually like Radiohead. This is another part of that puzzle. Basically it’s a response to the ‘Nude’ remix contest that they set up earlier in the year.

This chap has done something incredible with it…

Big Ideas (Don’t get any) from 1030 on Vimeo.

Go here to read about his incredible entry: http://www.vimeo.com/1109226

Thanks to Steve Wyles for the tip-off. I’m pretty sure this clip will be viewed by about 1 trillion people given that it’s an almost perfect mashup of geekiness and Radioheadness.

The Last Ever Clubpub Mix

Some people might know about ClubPub, a lot of you won’t. Basically it was a very irregular night that the Poke people have been organising over the last 5 years. It all started out with us just renting out a pub on Wednesday nights and turning them into a sort of club. Lashings of smoke and lazers can turn any pub into a banging nitespot ;-)

Anyway after 5 years we decided to call it a day. The last couple of nights felt a bit tired and lacking in direction so we thought we should have a massive blowout to kill it off rather than letting it die a long drawn out fight for life. That’s what we did on Wednesday.

Crank (the Poke band) made their stunning debut (causing massive crowd chaos as seen above). The legendary AcidMalc (a clubpup favourite) played a storming set. And Dickon and Vasco both took the decks for a spin.

I had the honour of playing the last set. Which was really fun. Apart from the venue decided to close almost an hour earlier than we’d agreed (apparently they weren’t taking enough money at the end of the night – I think people had drunk enough quite frankly).

Here’s an extended version of the set I played (this is what it would have been if I hadn’t been cut short).

Obviously sounds better after many pints of lager ;-)

Direct Download Link (114Mb)

  1. Shhake it – Diplo
  2. Hard to Beat (Axwell Mix) – HardFi
  3. Just Can’t Get Enough (Dirty South Mix) – Depeche Mode
  4. Body Language – Booka Shade
  5. Rez – Underworld
  6. Higher State of Conciousness – Josh Wink
  7. Brimfull of Asha (Les Ryhthm Digitales Mix) –
  8. In My Arms (Tocadisco Mix) – Mylo
  9. Trash (South Central Mix) – The Whip
  10. D.A.N.C.E. (Stuart Price Mix) – Justice
  11. Sound of da Police – KRS1
  12. Gold Digger (High Contrast Mix) – Kanye West
  13. Let’s Dance – Hi Tack
  14. Push the Feeling (Robby Rivera Ibiza Mix) – Nightcrawlers
  15. Just a Groove – Mighty Dub Kats
  16. Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400
  17. Blue Monday (Hardfloor Mix) – New Order
  18. I Feel Love (Danny Howell Mix) – Donna Summer
  19. Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor Mix) – Mory Kante
  20. Put Your Hands Up For Detroit – Claude Von Stroke
  21. Waterfall (Unknown Mix) – Atlantic Ocean
  22. Don’t Go (Dirty Freek Mix) – Awesome 3
  23. Hideaway (Young Punx Mix) – De’Lacy
  24. I’ve Got The Music In Me – Kiki Dee
  25. On A Ragga Tip – SL2
  26. I Should Be So Good For You – Dennis Waterman

A Muxtape for Blue Skies

What a jolly nice day. Here’s a muxtape for the kind of stuff I’ll be listening to…


allez allez logo

Here’s a link to a site that posts lots of great mixes of the greatest music in the world. If I was younger and lived in London town I go to all these guys’ parties and be like their total groupie. They’ve even got a mega Kompakt party this weekend.

So many great mixes. I’m listening to a phenomenal Euan Pearson one on my iPod right now.

Subscribe to their podcast and all the juicy goodness will run into your earholes with a minimum of effort. I did. And it made me a more fulfilled person. Really.

Remixed Dancing Videos

I’ve had one of these saved for a while, but when I found the other I thought it was time to post them as a set. I don’t know why, they just tickle me.

And this one from Romania (thanks to whoever sent this link to me via del.icio.us – I can’t remember who it was, sorry).

Kind of silly moments in techno…