#iaintait does not have 1,000 Google Wave Invites to give away


Dear World,

I am @iaintait on Twitter. And I do not have 1,000 Google Wave Invites to give away.

I don’t even have a Google Wave invite for myself.

Since yesterday afternoon I’ve had thousands of people from all around the world re-tweeting #iaintait and sending me @iaintait messages asking for one of my supposed 1,000 Google Wave invites.

It’s kind of rendered Twitter unusable for me right now. Certainly if anyone tried to have a conversation with me using @iaintait there’s no way I can find it.

So, how did this start?

Yesterday morning @ihavenomouth tweeted this:

Twitter / Alex Light: #iaintait he can't blow hi ...

I don’t know if he meant to turn me into a hashtag or not. So I replied:

Twitter / Iain Tait: @ihavenomouth you f&@king ...

Which of course, in retrospect, to a bunch of people I know was like a red-rag to a bull:

Twitter / Alex Light: @iaintait #iaintait you're ...

There was basically a bunch of pisstaking going on, so I replied:

Twitter / Iain Tait: @igorclark @ihavenomouth @ ...

Then a couple of hours later. Mark ‘bloody’ Earls (@herdmeister) posts this:

Twitter / Mark Earls: RT @eskimon RT @iaintait 1 ...

And that my friends, is how it all started…

At its peak yesterday I was told there was a mention of #iaintait every 10 seconds on Twitter. And not only is it the hashtag that’s being sent around, people are now responding to @iaintait which makes Twitter kind of unusable right now. I’m guessing it’ll die down over time. But I thought that when I went to bed and it looks like we’re ramping up for the day:

201Ciaintait201D trends in Twitter with Trendistic

Some conclusions:

  • Stupidity is alive and well.
  • Chain letters / emails / tweets still seem to suck people in
  • Google Wave invites are hot shit
  • It is IMPOSSIBLE to put the genie back in the bottle
  • It’s strange feeling ‘viral’ in that way
  • @herdmeister owes me a beer (or 1,000 wave invites)

Jonathan From Spotify Ruined Your Playlist

Jonathan from Spotify...

http://jonathanfromspotifyruinedyourplaylist.com/ is my favourite website of today. If you don’t know Jonathan from Spotify, he’s the guy who interrupts your listening pleasure with his little adlets.

I’m sure he was forced to do it, so I’m not confident that we should all be picking on him. However, what I love about this site is that I think the level of insults pretty much fit the crime.

Jonathan from Spotify...

Jonathan from Spotify...

But that’s not the reason that I really love the site. The real reason is that it’s driven by Google Docs. That’s how we should all be rolling. Use a Google Spreadsheet as a CMS – that’s how we should be rolling in 2009!

I suggested this to one of our developers a few months ago and he said that I was some kind of fucked-up freakish alien techno-idiot (I think those were his exact words) – having seen this I feel vindicated, marginally.

via: the wonderful It’s Nice That

The ‘Zosjm pydax’ Website

Just came through on a spam.

Picture 32

I wish I had registered with the Zosjm pydax website, it sounds bloody intriguing. Unfortunately when I search for it there are no results. By writing this post it means that I will now be the first (and only) Google result for Zosjm pydax. Unless someone else copies.

Twitterfall + Gmail Fail Gives a Sense of Twitter Scale

If you’ve not seen Twitterfall it’s quite nice. It streams in Twitter messages with certain keywords in real time. It makes twitter feel like a bit joined up community (which it isn’t really). What really freaked me out was watching it during the Gmail outage so I grabbed some video of what it looked like:

It’s strangely compelling to watch. In spite of the complete drivel that’s being poured onto the internet.

In the 9 minutes or so that I was capturing this the number of messages in the queue went from zero to 1,800. That’s more than 3 people a second assuming that Twitterfall capture everything. All whining about the same stuff.

I think it’s the first time I’ve really ‘felt’ the scale of Twitter. It was a bit overwhelming really. I dread to think what it’d be like to feel the pressure on the Googleplex.

Thanks to Jonathan for pointing out the Twitterfall.

Best Door Closing Mechanism Ever

At Flat White on Berwick Street Soho, London. A nice little coffee shop with a nice way of keeping the door shut.

You probably can’t make it out in the photo above. So here’s a detail shot:

Best Door Closing Mechanism Ever

They use a bunch of cups as a weight that pulls the door closed. It works and it looks nice. Genius.

If you want to go and see it. And drink a nice cup of coffee it’s here:

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Radiohead House of Cards on Current.com

I was just watching Current TV and this film about the Radiohead House of Cards video came on…

It really is a bit good.

Nike 1948 Popup Store in London

Edit: Popup store has popped-down.This store now appears to be closed. So don’t make a special trip to see it.

If you’re in the Shoreditch area there’s a nice temporary pop-up Nike store just opposite Market Sports on Bateman’s Row.

It’s open:

Nike 1948 Popup Store in London

There’s a big concrete AirMax shoe outside:

Nike 1948 Popup Store in London

And inside there’s limited edition shoes and clothes made by Nike all in a swanky sport-themed interior. It’s a pretty nice thing.

Nike 1948 Popup Store in London

It’s here, in case you want directions…

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Universities Are Hot On Google Adwords

I logged into my Gmail and picked up a message about a D&AD education thing I’m speaking at in September. And I suddenly noticed that I was surrounded by ads for clearing places at various Universities.

Google Mail - Filming confirmation for D&AD Xchange - iaintait@gmail.com

I don’t know why I was surprised. Of course Universities understand online marketing.

My Kung Fu Style is More Googleable Than Yours!

I found this quite amusing.

This Kung Fu class poster looked relatively standard:


Then I noticed this:


I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself why I imagined:


It’s amazing that Google Ranking has now become something that even Kung Fu masters aspire to. I’m going to start a Search Fu temple, taking talented kids and turning them into Monks of the Meta Tag.