A Work of Brilliance

Nigel Long unframed

Dear Andy Whitlock,

I love what you have done with these photographs from Campaign. I wish I had done this.

You describe your work like this:

Lots of ad-folk look very serious in their profile pictures in magazines like Campaign. I thought I’d provide a glimpse beyond the borders of the photographs to suggest a different side to them.

I describe it like this. Very funny.


Hang on Tight!

Artist Kenny Irwin posts under the name perfectlymadebirds on Flickr. His photos and their descriptions are totally amazing. I found myself getting sucked into his weird universe for more time than is strictly acceptable for someone on the right side of the mentalist line.

I’m not going to say any more, I’ll only spoil it. I’ll just suggest a couple of ‘drop-in points’…

And do make sure you read the descriptions, it really helps to contextualise things.

Once you get into Kenny’s art, like I have, you’ll want to head over to www.redbubble.com to buy some of his artworks as prints.

p.s. He also has a great collection of eyes (including these glass Cat and Goat eyes).

Credit Crunch Pricing – Free Internet and Coffee!

The economies of the world may be crumbling, but on Brick Lane you can now get Free Coffee and Internet. We’ll be OK.

Flickr Unleashes the Might of the Animated GIF

I just went to enable Flickr Stats so that I could see what’s been going on in my world of photos. And imagine my surprise and joy when the ‘processing stats’ page threw up an assortment of the finest in old-skool animated giffery…

This page:


Offered up this:

And this:

And this:

In rotation.

But it made me wonder… I get the joke. Some of the people I know would get the joke. And lots of the folk on Flickr would get the joke. But what happens to the people who don’t get it? Does it matter? If you were a ‘design’ person who didn’t get the reference would you just think it was a bit of duff design. Or would you even notice? Or does everyone get what Flickr are doing? Or am I thinking too much again?

Amazing Geo-Flickr on iPhone

Photos near me

I just installed Exposure on my iPhone. It’s a great Flickr app for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s got an amazing ‘near me’ feature. Using GPS it locates you and finds geo-tagged photos nearby.

I fired it up and almost fell off my chair when I saw a photo of the neighbours’ cat marked as 15.5m away. That’s pretty damn impressive.

Capital One – Doing A Good Flickr Thing Very Badly

This is a shame.

Capital One did a really cool thing. Or at least it looks like they could have done if they hadn’t banked it up.

I noticed on Flickr that I could make a Capital One card. I thought that sounds interesting. It’s probably only the US, but I want to take a look.

Here’s the link:

Welcome to Flickr!

So I click the link, and get here…

Capital One

Here’s what’s wrong:

They say:

Capital One

Which sounds really rubbish. I don’t want that. I want something that’s a bit interesting, or a bit exciting, or just a bit, different. I’ve come from Flickr. You know I like photos and stuff. Maybe even show me what one of these cards looks like…

Perhaps the answer is somewhere on the page. My eyes are being drawn to the card in the top left of the screen. Then they start to burn…

Capital One

Now I don’t know about you. But most of the people I know do not have photos like that in Flickr. Unless they’re collecting photos of the most vile bank friendly stock art on the planet. And anyone who’d choose an image like that to be ‘distinctly them’ would be no friend of mine.

And then I notice that is says:

Capital One

How on earth is that going to work. They’ll send me the card. I go back to the website and:

  • They send someone round to paint my card for me?
  • Or maybe they’ve got a wireless printing thing?
  • Or maybe it’s a sticker?
  • Or maybe they send me 2 cards?

I’ve got no idea. I’m now really confused. And the happy people at the top of the page are making me feel inadequate. There’s only one thing to click on…

Capital One

I’m hoping that I’ll get to see some nice credit cards, just to reassure me that I’m in the right place and I haven’t just dreamed the last 2 clicks of my life…

Credit Cards - Compare Credit Card Offers at CapitalOne.com

Oh knackers. I’ve been tricked into the belly of the beast, again!

Lovely Sandwich Photos

I was playing with Flickr Storm and I stumbled on these brilliant lunchbox shots. Taking lunch to work is apparently the thing to do now the credit crunch is biting. I hope that reduced budgets don’t lead to reduced creativity in the land of crazy lunches.

Grouchy Bf bento

Aquarium Bento, top view

Jaws bento 1

frog closeup