A Work of Brilliance

Nigel Long unframed

Dear Andy Whitlock,

I love what you have done with these photographs from Campaign. I wish I had done this.

You describe your work like this:

Lots of ad-folk look very serious in their profile pictures in magazines like Campaign. I thought I’d provide a glimpse beyond the borders of the photographs to suggest a different side to them.

I describe it like this. Very funny.


The Girl Effect

The design of this charity site is really lovely. To my ill-trained eyes the typography is nice. And I like their promo film too. Everything about just feels like it works together.

And they made sharing so easy I’d have felt mean not doing…

The Girl Effect - Home

A Guide to Spot the Bull 2

I’m not going to stop pushing Spot the Bull until everyone in the world has visited the site.

The UNICEF Tap Project

I’d never seen the full case study of this amazing campaign before.

It’s just great. Probably old news to many of you. But still brilliant.