Confidence In Blog Posts Over Time – My Analysis (Slideshare)

Sometimes this is how I feel. And sometimes I can only express myself through presentations ;-)

A Hierarchy of Blogging

As I mentioned the other day I’ve been a little slack in my blogging recently.

I started having a bit of a think about my blogging behaviour to see if I could make sense of this most recent lull. I’m sure the self-analysis was partially brought on as an aftermath of Mental Detox Week. And because I’d just come back from holiday which was another screen-free period.

When I got back from holiday I dropped into a week of extremely tough work. Probably one of the busiest weeks I’ve had in the last couple of years. Plus Balloonacy was running a the time. Which didn’t leave any free time for blogging. It didn’t even give me enough time to get properly on top of my email leftovers from holiday week. And my to-do list started to run to a seemingly unmanageable length.

So I decided to set myself into max-efficiency mode. It took all my working time (and a bit extra) to get back to zero-inbox and a to-do list full of non-overdue items. Which I did. It took me a few days of hard graft. But it was worth it.

One of these days I’ll share my productivity setup with everyone – in the last couple of months I’ve finally found my own cut-down GTD style setup that really works for me – especially if I never go on holiday ;-)

Anyway once I’d caught up with emails and to-dos I figured that I ought to keep my life in order and have some fun before I got stuck into WordPress. So I went to Glastonbury. Which resulted in more emails to deal with, more to-dos and even less blogging.

At this point I started to think about some kind of ‘life hierarchy’ that perhaps I was unwittingly starting to adhere to. And of course there’s only one place to look when you’re thinking about hierarchies and life. Good old Abe Maslow.

Here’s his pyramid (re-created from this Wikipedia entry).

Maslow's Hierarchy

When I saw it, I realised that I could kind of apply my own version of a hierarchy to it. One that distills my new-found blog-life balance. Enter Tait’s Hierarchy of Blogging…

My Hierarchy of Blogging

I realised that my previous blogging behaviour had seen me jumping around all over the pyramid. Sometimes blogging (or at least twittering) when excreting. Occasionally blogging instead of getting the things done that pay my wages. And quite often blogging as a kind of proxy for a social life. Even going as far as being involved with setting up a blog (with a team of co-editors) dedicated to sexual prowess as promised by junk-emailers – lord knows I hope that’s not some neo-Freudian replacement for the last thing on Maslow’s third layer!

Anyway I’m not promising that I won’t start jumping randomly between the layers of the stack again. But for my own mental-well-being (and I think quality of blog posting), I’m going to try and sort out my lower-order needs before I start posting drivel.

I think I might have just fallen at the first hurdle.

And besides blogging can be good for helping out with sorting out some of the lower order stuff too. I’m sure it can. Can’t it…?

Webbys 2008

Just got back from the Webbys in New York. We were over there to pick up a People’s Voice for the Orange Never Ending Web Page. There’s evidently no photo of me picking up our Webby, so here’s a picture of Richard from Moo picking up their Webby instead, well done Moo chaps.

It was all really well put together and a lot of fun. Perhaps a little too much fun and there might have been too many refreshments on offer. But anyway.

I had a much better time than I normally do at that kind of thing. I think it’s because everyone was well, webby. So being the geek that I am I could easily get to common ground with folk about stuff I found at least a tiny bit interesting.

So sorry for not blogging. Got into a bit of a spiral of working. Partying. Sleeping. Hanging Over. Eating. And back to working again. And so the circle of (the last week of) life goes.

Twitter On The Shitter?

What Are You Doing

It’s a question that’s been bugging me for a while. Do people send Tweets when they’re in perhaps, shall we say, more compromising positions. I did a straw poll around a table yesterday and got a very mixed response. I’m not saying where I sit on the issue, I think it’s a personal matter and in individual cases I’d rather not know.

But in the interests of science I’m going to open up a poll and see what the world thinks. Sorry there isn’t an option to say ‘I don’t use Twitter, I think it sucks’ – that’s a different poll…

[poll id=”1″]

Portfolio Night

Portfolio Night 6

I was lucky enough to go to Portfolio Night 6 last night. Set up by the enterprising young dudes behind it’s billed as a chance for young creatives to meet creative directors (for a fee of £10). I felt like it was a chance for me to meet young talented people (for a fee of nothing with a couple of beers thrown in for free).

Without giving away any personal details about people that I saw I was amazed at the disparity in skills that I saw. Some of it was obviously about talent. But there were a bunch of people who’d obviously been given a really rubbish schooling in what ‘advertising’ is all about. A shocking image with a quirky line and a logo (bottom left invariably bottom right invariably [thanks Ben for pointing out my stupid error]) can’t be the basic unit of advertising any more, can it?

I met a few youngsters that really stood out: if I thought I could hide Jai and Wal from the world and keep them as my little secret I’d be tempted. But they’re already out there, blogging with the best of them and doing placements at great places. So they’ll be fine whatever happens.

There’s another couple that I really really liked, but I’m keeping them secret for now whilst ‘discussions’ take place…

I hope my comments were useful to the people I spoke to. I’m not sure they were mostly. But I hope at least I was polite and respectful (unlike some of my contemporaries who I heard being a little bit mean if I have to be honest…).

Some Things I Saw Last Week

When I wasn’t blogging last week I saw some things:

  • Nu-rave extreme fashion in Brighton (they’ve got some amazing Sun Microsystems sunglasses in there – perfect for the Skins obsessed-geek in your life)
  • A road that looks like a sex organ
  • A vinyl outfit that looks very odd
  • A New Era hat that looks like a brain
  • A Stylophone with MP3 input (why wasn’t I told!)