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Looks Like Carphone Warehouse, Smells (and Sounds) Like Minilogue

Minilogue video by Kristopher Storm (Music by Minilogue).

Carphone Warehouse ad by Kristopher Storm (Music by Minilogue).

I’m really confused. Everything in my brain is shutting down and I’ve got no idea what to say about it. My groove has been well and truly freaked.

I saw the Carphone Warehouse ad on telly and thought this is quite a nice advertisement. Then something twitched in my brain and I thought “Fuck me, that really reminds me of that Minilogue video”, then I heard the music at the end and though “Fuck me, it even sounds like bloody Minilogue”.

Then I went and looked both of them up and realised that they’ve been done by the same guy: Kristofer Strom.

Here’s why my brain almost imploded:

  1. I’m glad that it’s not a ripoff or ‘homage’
  2. I like the fact they’ve gone to the source to get it made – I like the idea of people being ‘discovered’ on YouTube then being given decent budgets to make more of their ‘art’
  3. I think it works well as a ad, I think it’s nice
  4. It’s taking something that’s been seen by 3m people globally (on YouTube) and whacking it all over the ad breaks on UK TV where it will be seen my millions more (don’t know if I feel good or bad about that – probably just neutral)
  6. Or does point 5 even matter? If it’s a good ad that tells the right story and engages the target market (and the creator is getting duly rewarded) why should I be such a stuck-up creative fuckwad about it?

I don’t know how anyone else feels about it, but it’s certainly raised a debate in my head that’s not dying down…

Is this the future? Does it even matter? Do I really care?

The Best Thing Online Ever

I know I do one of these ‘ best things ever’ posts quite often. But when I make them I’m usually genuinely excited. And this is no exception. Fuzzwich.com have created a really simple tool for creating and sharing animations.

You don’t need to know anything to get going, it takes the most basic functions of something like flash and repackages them in a way that you can start using straightaway without any instructions. Here’s something I made in a few minutes with absolutely no reading of any instructions or anything (and believe me I’ve got practically zero skills in animation principles or tools) – it was really fast and satisfying to do, even if the results are a bit pony:

Direct link: http://fuzzwich.com/minivid/minivid.php?vid=3003

It’s only been out for a couple of weeks and it looks like they’ve got plans to do some stuff to it – but part of it’s charm is its roughness and simplicity so I hope they don’t over complicate it in any way.

I love Fuzzwich!

Shift Happens – Watch This Video

The second thought provoking animation of the week…
Watch it. It’s good.

Makes me realise that understanding and appreciating bits and bytes is really important. And maybe one day I’ll be able to apply it to something that makes a difference…

Designed by Xplane, whose work I’ve admired for years, for Shifthappens.

Via RandomCulture (which I always enjoy!)