Hygienic, Authentic, Archaic

Amazing set of brand values. I’m guessing in a pretty unique combination. 


Plus you can get it done in a museum if you like. And it has a QR code. 

I don’t want a tattoo at the moment. Hand-poked or otherwise. But if I did, on the strength of this poster, this chap would be first on my list.

My only concern would be the mis-spelling of hygienic.

I went to the website to have a look and there’s actually some nice work there :-)

Pink Bike Sales Up 576%


This is just round the corner from my house. Right outside the school. I loved it so much.

Then I spotted it. In the bottom left. A giavaway piece of copy:


Damn you!

I should have spotted it. Should have seen the slightly too good marker-work. This is not the work of a fun mum. This is a highly-manicured transmedia marketing campaign. I bet there’s already a picture of me photographing it as part of a case study video.

Or maybe I should turn down my cynic filter and enjoy it in all its pink glory.

Storyfinding? Really?

I saw the title The Power of Storyfinding and I almost just skipped it as another trendy thing that I don’t need to know about. But because @GarethK recommended it I thought it can’t be THAT bad.

And sure enough, it’s a lovely little story about beer advertising. But mostly the importance of speaking to all kinds of people at your clients’ places. And listening to them.

I’m looking forward to meeting the first person who describes themselves as a Story Finder on their business card. (I checked LinkedIn and there are couple of them, but it’s nothing to worry about, yet).

Mobile Cyber Theft of a van den Nieuwendijk

And on the subject of Jordy van den Nieuwendijk. I manged to trick him into giving me a 100% original and exclusive work.

I pretended that he should have a play with my Samsung Galaxy Note and ‘see how good the stylus is’ . (Knowing full well he wouldn’t be able to not do something good).



He’ll probably hate me for posting this (it was done on a bumpy bus ride after a couple of beers) but I think it’s pretty wonderful. Sorry @JvdNieuwendijk

I wonder if I can trick any other artists into creating original works for me using the ‘try my stylus’ method…?

Waiting in Line 2 Hack You

I was chatting to Jordy van den Nieuwendijk at Here on Friday. And he mentioned that he’d worked with a guy at W+K NYC who was responsible for Waiting in Line 3D.

WIL3D is one of my favorite things of all time, and having the warped mind behind it working for the same company is beyond thrilling!

So like a proper fanboy I sent Rajeev a message of love and admiration. Rajeev send a nice message back, and pointed me at a recent project called Nice2HackYou which is also for a band, and also mind-bendingly awesome.

I installed the Chrome Extension and held my breath. Thankfully I installed it on a ‘clean’ machine. So I’ve got very little Fox News or other disgusting items in my browser history…



Yellow seems to be the hardest colour


If you were trying to say sorry to thousands of people would you pick light yellow on light grey? And then sign it off with the self-congratulatory hashtag #greaterwest.

Einstein on Life

There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle.

~ Albert Einstein

I’m not normally a quote person, I can never remember the buggers. But got sent this in an email this morning and thought it was decent.