Techno Music for Warrior Gods


If you want to explore an exquisitely curated world of electronic music all you need to do is hang out over here: So many great mixes. So much great stuff. Lots of it fresh and exclusive to the site.

Currently listening to a mix by Ancient Methodstracklist here. It’s very.

Their description is much better than mine:

AM is powerful and brutal, without ever getting too aggressive or banging. this is techno music for warrior gods, it’s what i imagine you would hear at a rave at valhalla…

They do a really nice thing where they post up the mixes for a week or so before they release the tracklist. So it stops people from being judgmental based on what they think something is going to sound like. A little touch that I love a lot. thank you for this and all the other music.

The Small Things That Make the Difference

I’m visiting a mix on SoundCloud (this one if you care).

The top of the page looks like this:


Then I start playing the mix, and look what happens to my tab:


Spot it? If not let me make it clear…


SoundCloud have always been very good at attention to UX detail and this might seem like just a tiny little thing. But it’s actually really very good. It means that you can spot in a multitude of tabs which one is playing. Love it a lot.

Teach Your Kids to Crush Pregnant Animals

I saw this ad on telly today and was totally blown away. My first reaction was “wooooah, that looks awesome” (in the voice of my inner 6 year old). Then my inner Daily Mail reader kicked in and was all like “oh my god, teaching kids to splatter bugs is raising a nation of serial killers, no wonder this country is going to the dogs”.

When you look deeper into the product it really is gross – you can make the bugs, inject eggs or guts into their bodies and squash the shit out of them (or buy a bug grinder if you want to crush them like a pro). Link to the whole creepy crawler range.

I still can’t decide whether it’s good gross or bad gross. I think I’m coming down on the side of bad…

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