Look again at that Facebook Map


I did what I suspect a lot of people did. I saw this beautiful Facebook visualisation and went “oooh”. My oooh contained just a couple of things:

  1. Isn’t that pretty
  2. Facebook is big and global

But I just read this account by Paul Butler, the intern who made the thing. And all of a sudden it took on a whole new dimension. It gets a little technical in places, but you should read it, you’ll view the whole thing as more than just a pretty picture once you have. Go on read it.

All of a sudden you realise that there isn’t a background map here. Everything you see, including the recognisable shapes of countries is created by connections between people.

And once you’ve read Paul’s piece, click and view the high-resolution version of the map and drink it up.

Techno Music for Warrior Gods


If you want to explore an exquisitely curated world of electronic music all you need to do is hang out over here: http://mnmlssg.blogspot.com/. So many great mixes. So much great stuff. Lots of it fresh and exclusive to the site.

Currently listening to a mix by Ancient Methodstracklist here. It’s very.

Their description is much better than mine:

AM is powerful and brutal, without ever getting too aggressive or banging. this is techno music for warrior gods, it’s what i imagine you would hear at a rave at valhalla…

They do a really nice thing where they post up the mixes for a week or so before they release the tracklist. So it stops people from being judgmental based on what they think something is going to sound like. A little touch that I love a lot.

http://mnmlssg.blogspot.com/ thank you for this and all the other music.

The Small Things That Make the Difference

I’m visiting a mix on SoundCloud (this one if you care).

The top of the page looks like this:


Then I start playing the mix, and look what happens to my tab:


Spot it? If not let me make it clear…


SoundCloud have always been very good at attention to UX detail and this might seem like just a tiny little thing. But it’s actually really very good. It means that you can spot in a multitude of tabs which one is playing. Love it a lot.

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