Technorati Tags Plugin

I’ve finally got around to getting my head around just how good Technorati is. I knew it was powerful. But not that powerful. So I’ve installed BunnysTechnoratiTags on my blog. Meaning that I can make sure I’m properly hooked up with the ‘rati. (Once you realise you’re becoming a geek is there any way to reverse the process…?).

Presentation Zen

powerpoint logoBill has bullets, Steve has space. Presentation Zen: Gates, Jobs, & the Zen aesthetic – a blog posting about presentation styles that made me laugh out loud. Incredibly insightful and worth a read. Via the ever visitworthy Seth Godin.

Talking Point for Orange

talkingpoint screengrabHere’s a little something I’ve been working on for a good while now TalkingPoint for Orange. It’s a hybrid between a poll and a discussion forum. The objective being to give people a chance to leave their opinions on issues in an interesting and textured fashion. Allowing people to either just register their agreement with a simple, single-click interaction. Or, if they wish, to go further and leave comments.

So far the results are really promising and we’re seeing high levels of interaction and relatively low levels of abuse (which is nice). The team that worked on it have done a great job – and as usual encountered all kinds of interesting ‘features’ in Flash ;-)

Email is distracting – shocker!

Blimey! Discover magazine reports on how email and IM are distracting! Well you don’t say…

But it does make some interesting points about using multiple windows and the distractions it can cause. Much as I love Expose on my Mac it does mean that I keep an inordinate amount of things on the go at any one time. In fact, I should go and finish those 7 emails now…

Which reminds me. I must finish reading Getting Things Done.

iPod Nanos on Tokyo Metro

ipod nanos in tokyoFrom Cult Of Mac Blog – iPod Nanos on Tokyo Metro – This is a great (if a little expensive) promotion. Having said that, this is one of those ads that creates so much residual ‘buzz’ around it that the initial investment is totally worth it. I’ve just finished the excellent book Buzzmarketing: Getting People to Talk About Your Stuff. Hence I’m temporarily obsessed with ‘buzz’. I’ll write a review of the book soon. In the meantime, have a look at the site.

I’m especially loving the use of photo message QR codes on the back of the dummy Nanos (in case you don’t know these are like barcodes that you photograph with your mobile – all the rage in Japan apparantly).

Geeks Gotta Have It

lightchargerAn amazing multi-charger cum light – imagine a world free of chargers, where cables are neatly stored away, out of sight. And, in its place, a wonderous ambient light source. This is the item that a whole planet of geeks’ girlfriends have been waiting for.

43 – The Magic Number

43thingslogoWell there’s 43 Things which I’m a huge fan of – a community based around ambitions and things we’d like to do, genius. And really nicely done. Then there’s 43 Places – a community rooted in the places that we’ve visited (or would like to visit). And now there’s 43 People – a community based around the people we’d like to meet.

All the sites are incredibly smartly put together using all the latest Web 2.0 must haves. Robot Co-op I salute your brilliance.

Backstreet Mime-a-long

video previewWho? Why? 2 Chinese dudes, sing along to the Backstreet Boys. It’s funny. It gets funnier as you watch it for longer. The guy in the background appears to be just going about his business, unperturbed by the maniacs freaking out to boy-pop behind him.

Via BoingBoing via the Today Show via – yoiks that’s a lot of via-ing.