Loon Dancing to Make You Feel OK

I rarely get angry. It’s not in my nature. But I got an email today that made me so angry that I really felt it, physically. The only way I could shake it off was by watching people dancing like loons. It made the bad feelings go away. Even if you’re feeling tip-top, I hope these make you feel even betterer about life…

(They’re kind of like UK jump-stylers…)

And here’s a face for the future. He keeps up the pace for over 4 minutes which is no mean feat. He’s incredibly in time for a 3 year old and I love the style in the middle, kind of like fencing. Looks like the back hand would be great at clutching a bottle of lager during dancing – a useful skill for later. Superb.

The Omelette Bomb

My trip to Manchester was made awesome by witnessing ‘The Omelette Bomb’ – a piece of extreme Teppanyaki showboating the likes of which I’ve never seen before…

Thank goodness I had my camera with me…

Hot “New” Dance Step

Forget jumpstyle. This is the hot new dance step (well it was hot and new in 1930)…

Check the user ‘GoodOldDays‘ for loads of great vintage videos. There’s some amazing stuff in there.

Dancing man wearing a horse mask cooks wild mushrooms

Last night I was moaning about having one of those days. This morning I’ve seen a dancing man wearing a horse mask cook wild mushrooms. Everything suddenly seems different.

McDonalds’ Freakout

I’ve got no clue what’s going on… Comment is all pure guesswork. If you can clarify please do…

Is this an ad from Japan?

Is this a really mentalist remix of an ad from Japan (it really gets going about 2/3 the way in)?

This really does look like an ad (featuring Ronald’s freaky trance-soundtracked clown-spawn…)

And daughter of Ronald (also likes Jap-trance)…

2nd clip via Mike Laurie’s ‘Ships Biscuit’ blog. The rest was just a bunch of horrible accidents…

Tutortainment or Entertorials

Connected to the entertaining demos post the other day. I love the way that these Photoshop Tutorials manage to tell a story of marital breakdown and infidelity through a bunch of nerdy design-tip-screencasts.

I was laughing out loud at them last night. And now I’ve seen them on Photojojo too so I know it’s OK to confess my love for them in public.

They wouldn’t work if the balance of tutorial vs comedy wasn’t spot on. But it is. So that’s OK.

Warning: contains painful comedy and associated swearwords.

You suck at Photoshop – Episode 1

You suck at Photoshop – Episode 2

You suck at Photoshop – Episode 3

Originally via Lifehacker – it’s nice to see that productivity geeks have a sense of humour too ;-)

The Scientist – The Bee

Was doing a bit of tidying in the loft today and came across this bit of vinyl. Even 17 years after its release it’s still got skills… If I had a filing system for my records I’d struggle knowing where to put it.

P-p-p-product D-d-d-demos – The Beardyman Way

I’ve been looking around for interesting product demos recently. We’ve been talking to clients how demos can be both entertaining and informative.

A couple of well-known entertaining product demos that spring to mind are Ikea’s Dream Kitchens and the Philips Bodygroom stuff (and of course who could forget Will It Blend? for Blendtech)

And here’s a couple of demos I found recently featuring 2006 and 2007 UK Beatbox Champion Beardyman. They’re low-cost, low production value, but entertaining (and right for the target audience I’d have said). They’re not made by the manufacturers, but they perhaps should have been.

Here’s Beardyman battling himself (with the help of DJ JFB) using Numark’s Virtual Vinyl:

And here he is again jamming on the Korg Kaoss Pad 3 with a plastic duck. I don’t know why but I love the fact that the product is upside-down. I’m sure it’s not been done on purpose, but if a company did that I’d think that they were dead confident and stuff.

If you want to hear quite how skilled Beardyman is there’s some amazing audio on his website. The clip from ‘Tim Shaw’s Asylum’ is totally next-level. Scratching the DJs name backwards and stuff.

And if you’ve got any other great examples of products being demoed in entertaining ways I’d love to hear them.

Mangement Techniques

Where I work it’s all very nicey nicey. Which makes for a nice place to work. But sometimes I wonder whether it’s the best way of getting the best out of people. This clip inspired me to think about alternative styles of motivation…

(From Glengarry Glen Ross – contains very strong language)

I’m wondering if this style of management would work in the creative industries? I’m sure it’d work for motivating new business teams. But I’m pretty sure it could be modified slightly to get creative people to come up with more and better ideas too. Just need to figure out some new acronyms… And get a massive watch… Oh and earn a million dollars last year… And drive a BMW…

Ah, forget it.

Youth Trend Watch: Hardstyle, Hardjump & Jumpstyle

This started out being a silly moment in techno post. But it’s grown into something far more important. Something that trend watchers and marketeers around the world have to pay heed to.

It started with this clip from Malaysia:

A few things things I noted:

1.These Malaysian guys seem to have a fresh new dance style that’s evolved purely from playing Dance Dance Revolution
2. It sounds like the music they’re playing is a hard level of Dance Dance Revolution
3. There is no Dance Dance Revolution machine in sight
4. The clip has had nearly a million views!

But the I noticed that I’d opened up some odd portal to a new dimension of music, dance and culture! And I found a bunch of videos that seemed to talk about Hardstyle, Hardjump and Jumpstyle. 3 slightly different parts of seemingly the same subculture. I’m not going to try to explain what the bits are because I’ll get it wrong and one day a Jumpstyle fan might find this page and make me look like a tit ;-)

And the more I looked and watched. The more I realised that I’ve discovered the Parkour of the noughties. All that free running is so over. And you need loads of fancy buildings to jump off. And its dangerous. And it doesn’t have a music scene attached to it.

And you don’t have to be out and about to do it. Look Jumpstyle at home:

But you can also do it with a friend and it becomes Duojump. Now they really do look like 2 skilled DDR players… Or is it like a Gabba Riverdance…

And you can do it with 3 people!

Or if you’ve got a few mates you can all do it together!

And it appears they’re teaching it in schools – to groups of kids!

It’s become so big it’s spawned it’s own remixes and stuff – check Jumpstyle Borat:

So now you’re tuned into the latest global youth craze you’ll be wanting a how-to guide right? Of course, YouTube can provide (thanks to Patrick Jumpen, one of the stars of Jumpstyle):

And for those of you who are more into studying from the sidelines don’t forget to check Wikipedia – the page on Jumpstyle is the most informative. It has a list of different sub-styles as well as some useful links to some of the top dudes in the scene.

But of course, like any great trend, there are the nay-sayers, those who want to kill a beautiful thing before big brands have sponsored it and generated reveue out of it. Boo to them. Sites like http://www.fuckjumpstyle.com/ are demanding the end of jumpstyle. How could they. Well they say:

We all know it. Jumpstyle sucks. At the beginning it was fun, but now it’s just too commercial. I know it, you know it.

Jumpstyle begun in Belgium. The dance is now known in almost whole Europe. Now, it’s trying to take over whole America. Do you want to stop jumpstyle to take over America? Do you want jumpstyle to die? Do you think jumpstyle is too commercial? Do you think: FUCK JUMPSTYLE!?

God damn. It’s sold out before I even started!

I’d love to do a documentary on the whole scene. If I could make films. Of course some of my comments above are a bit tongue in cheek. But if you hunt around YouTube you’ll see stacks of clips with millions and millions of views. It’s a very real scene, which lots of kids (in parts of Europe and Asia mainly by the looks of it) seem to be totally into. So who am I to say it’s a silly moment in techno?

Or does everyone in the world know about Jumpstyle and I’m the last one to hear? Damn I hope not…