Jobs Vs Gates – Lexical Density


Nice post by Russell about ‘Lexical Density’, which sounds much more scary than it is…

It got me thinking, all this stuff is all very well to analyse in retrospect, so what about a real-time speech analyser that monitors your lexical density, fog index, criminal overuse of words and phrases, etc. Perhaps something mounted in a pair of glasses with LEDs so you can modify your speech on-the-fly…

Steve Jobs would get a red light to warn him of ‘overbooming’, Bill would get a ‘stop being so boring’ light twinkling away to encourage him to turn it on.

Actually they’d be rubbish. I’d just end up with an ‘overuse of word: stuff’ light strobing in my eye all the time.

When Good Companies Blog Good

Here’s a site that Poke built that I’ve never written about. Probably because I had nothing to do with it. But it’s a great little site. Partly to do with what we did for them. But as least as much, if not more, because they’re using it really well. Which I’m sure is partly related to the fact that the site was built to fit their particular needs (it’s a custom blog tool built on top of Rails if you care).

Camron are a small PR agency who deal in a lot of stylish, luxuryish, stuff. The site is a portfolio for their work, which they write about and put nice photos in. But the best bit is their blog. They call it: Intelligence (the things they’re doing and the stuff they like). And it’s properly great. It really gives you a feel for the fact that these are a bunch of real people who appreciate and love great high-end stuff. And the most important thing is that it feels totally natural.

Puts our shitty Poke site to shame (for now…)

(And I also like how the people page has been done to focus on the object or thing that the individuals like the best).

Long Break (phew)

Well that’s one of the longest blog breaks I’ve had since starting up. I’ve not been doing much really. Christmas was pretty much like a short hibernation for me. Did some very good sleeping and a little bit of family type stuff.

Then dropped straight back into work-a-mania! Hoorah.

I would have got back into the blog a bit sooner, but I’ve been writing lots of words at work and I don’t know what it is, but I reckon I’ve only got a imited number of words in me per day. Anyway I think I’ve broken my silence and I’m back…
Happy New Year by the way!

Family Music

family logo

Confession: This is a plug for a friend’s business. I’ve signed up because I think it will be good (with my own real money) so there’s no kickbacks going on

Check out Family Music

Ben and his friend Tom have set up a music subscription service. But it’s not a digital thing. It’s a real music thing. A CDs and records thing.

It’s a simple idea, you let them know what music you like and they’ll send you things that they think you’ll be into every month. You choose the number of albums you want.

Then every month some choice new tunes will drop through your letterbox. And if you really don’t like something you can send it back the next month (freepost!).

Normally I’d be a bit skeptical about this. How good will their recommendations be? Won’t it just be standard fodder? Won’t theyl just be firing out stuff that labels have given them for free? But in this case I know for a fact that the guys behind it really know their musical onions. And they’ll stretch my musical mind in interesting ways. And they’re good guys.
There’s something quite exciting about real people editing music for you personally. I’m looking forward to my first box. I’ll let you know how it goes…

Yoda’s Freaky Eye

Meet my Yoda Furby. As you can see it’s a quality piece of Star Wars merchandise. If a little bit repetative. I’ve had him for a few years now and he’s been hibernating in a box for the last couple.

I found him the other day and resurrected him using the force (and 4AA batteries).

Only thing is, one of his eyelids has perished and when he’s ‘sleeping’ he has this freaky eye thing going on. I think he might have to go back in the box, he’s scaring me.

Boyfriend Behaving Badly

modern manI’m finding it harder than I’d thought to gather together posts on Modern Man. But yesterday whilst reading the paper a gem just dropped in my lap, not unlike an advert for car insurance.

I found this article from the Times depressing and hilarious in equal measures. In the same way as I hate and love the guy who wrote it in equal measures.

It’s basically about his refusal to act like a sensitive modern man. The fact that he’s going to say and do what he likes, and not feel the pressure to constantly show the ‘right’ emotion. It ends up reading like a catalogue of vile behaviour towards his ex-girlfriends, but I somehow couldn’t help but warm to him.
I think it was the slightly fragile nature of his conclusion that made it all OK:

But why should I change? I am not unhappy. I’m just numb, indecisive and apathetic, like many males of my generation. Could it be that I am one of the few honest ones left?

Poke: Seeking Creative Director

Poke are hiring. We’re looking for a new creative director.

It’s a nice place to work, or at least I think so.

We’re looking for someone quite particular. If you’re interested, or think you know someone who might be, please take a look at the job description here.

I had a great response to the last plea for help and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the web and the lovely people who sometimes read this blog might be able to help.

If you’re responsible for a successful lead, or are a successful applicant through my blog I’m sure I can furnish you with some kind of decent reward. I’m not sure what yet but we’ll work something out…

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Nice Pret

I know Pret a Manger are part owned by McHorrors so I shouldn’t go there. But me and Nik just went in to one and ordered a coffee, and the man gave us them for free. He said: “it’s Friday afternoon, these are on the house”.

So, because they were nice I’m now telling you that they were nice in the hope that it spirals into some out of control spirally thing that inspires infinite niceness throughout the world.