I don’t remember saying this

Thank you to someone at the Webbys for paying attention!

I might be wrong, but I have a real belief you can feel when things have been made by people who are passionate / having fun / on a mission. Things that have been made by people who are just logging the hours feel bland and crappy in comparison.

Couldn't have said it better ourselves. True words from Webby judge, @iaintait! ????????

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Pink Bike Sales Up 576%


This is just round the corner from my house. Right outside the school. I loved it so much.

Then I spotted it. In the bottom left. A giavaway piece of copy:


Damn you!

I should have spotted it. Should have seen the slightly too good marker-work. This is not the work of a fun mum. This is a highly-manicured transmedia marketing campaign. I bet there’s already a picture of me photographing it as part of a case study video.

Or maybe I should turn down my cynic filter and enjoy it in all its pink glory.

Storyfinding? Really?

I saw the title The Power of Storyfinding and I almost just skipped it as another trendy thing that I don’t need to know about. But because @GarethK recommended it I thought it can’t be THAT bad.

And sure enough, it’s a lovely little story about beer advertising. But mostly the importance of speaking to all kinds of people at your clients’ places. And listening to them.

I’m looking forward to meeting the first person who describes themselves as a Story Finder on their business card. (I checked LinkedIn and there are couple of them, but it’s nothing to worry about, yet).