Coldwar Steve at The Social

Totally by chance ended up at The Social on Little Portland Street last night. Sophie suggested it. I’ve not been there for more years than is decent.

Imagine my delight as I found that the @Coldwar_Steve exhibition was still in full swing – read all about it.

Suffice to say it’s amazing. A glimpse into a parallel reality where Danny Dyer and Kim Jong-un are deciding the fate of the universe over a budget kebab. Much more reassuring than what’s actually going on in the world.

And I highly recommend following @Coldwar_Steve on Twitter if you don’t already.

Fetishising Smaller Boxes of Life

Last night I found myself down a web-wormhole of high end paper-based-products. It’s a perversion of sorts. But better than some of the alternatives, right?

I ended up at Present & Correct, a purveyor of the loveliest of stationery.  Look how beautiful these diaries are. So continental. So classy.

And the beauty is more than surface-deep.

Here’s another beautiful linen bound diary, equally European, equally nice.

Again, with nice pages inside.

And I really loved this, a beautiful stamp that lets you print an outline your week onto any available bit of paper you might have:

Then I had a revelation, what I was fetishising had nothing to do with paper products. And everything to do with how little the users of these products need to fit into their day. In this last example, it would force you to focus on one, or two things max, per day.

Imagine how nice that would be.

Even with the tiniest handwriting and the finest of fineliners you’d struggle to get one of my days into one of these products. Even the week-to-a-page view above.

This is what a typical busy day looks like in my Google Calendar (the meeting names have been redacted to protect the innocent).

I’m going to start imagining my calendar is made of paper and see what happens…

Nose Picking Game Design Masterclass

This is ace. In a story about the Design of Gold Digger (a mini game from one of the Wario titles) there’s much for all of us to learn.

Familiar Five

I love everything about this. Came out in January, but only just discovered it. Late to the party as usual. Amazing track by Marcus Marr. Massive chugging bass. Bizzaro lyrics. Super simple but lovely video.

Warp nail the GDPR reminder email

I’ve seen lots of people trying to get a bit fruity or fresh with their GDPR reminders. None of them stuck, until now. Swearing isn’t big, or clever, but it does work on me (sometimes)… – VR Black Friday Nonsense


VR often feels like this expensive and complicated world that requires loads of fancy kit and dosh to get into. But we’ve been playing about, to see what’s possible on a limited budget.

Thanks to A-Frame it took some talented people on the team a criminally short time to knock up a thing that pulls products into a strange virtual world via a public API. (Thanks to Joel for the A-Frame tip off).

Introducing – a VR experience that lets you shop with your face. Clearly it’s not fully weaponised eye-based e-commerce, just yet ;-)

A tiny bit more on the W+K London Blog.