Charticles one day, NewsGlobes the next. It’s all getting a bit ‘Day Today‘ round these parts.

NewsGlobe is a project that’s come out of the stables. There’s a description of how it came about here.

For last month’s Yahoo! Hack Day, I decided to show off some of the impressive capabilities of the latest Adobe Flash Player and ActionScript 3 by building a visually interesting new way to browse Yahoo! News top stories. In a surprisingly short amount of time, I was able to mash up two existing Yahoo! services, and then represent the information in a virtual environment I call the NewsGlobe.

I love the non-committal use of ‘surprisingly short amount of time’, in my head that means a few hours. I’ve got a hyperactive head sometimes.

But I really would love to know how quickly this was pulled together. Because although, as the author admits, it’s not perfect. It is a slick piece of interface design which I’m sure will be imitated widely. And once you’ve built the engine there’s lots you can do with it…

My mind’s drifted back to The Day Today and I can’t help thinking about building News Kidneys or 3D Currency Cats:

currency cat

Powerpoint Karaoke

All this Pecha Kucha stuff is starting to get a bit dreary.

The idea of PowerPoint Karaoke seems a lot more random and challenging.

Basic idea is: people stick real presentations ‘in a hat’, then presenters get allocated a random presentation and have to present it as best they can.

There’s a great description of how to do PowerPoint Karaoke at Heathervescent.

There doesn’t seem to be many of them on popular video sharing sites (yet). There’s a few in German, but here’s one in English from BarCamp LA. You’ll get the idea:

Who’s in?

Oh and if you want to ‘do PowerPoint Karaoke’ there’s a nifty presentation randomiser that works with Slideshare, you just enter a tag and it pulls in random presentations for maximum randomness…

The Best Online Music Toy Ever

This is the simplest and best thing I’ve ever seen for creating music fast. It’s massively usable. You can literally get into it by clicking a few keys – admittedly you’ll be making derivative euro-dance. But it’ll sound totally competent no matter how incompetent you secretly are. Go there and have a play, it’s blooming awesome: Really. Do. It’s great.

Even thought the music is really cheesy playing with this put a real smile on my face!

Via: Beatportal

Oh My, That’s Lovely

Magnetic Ink, Process video from flight404 on Vimeo.

Beautiful computer generated art, made by the supremely talented Flight 404 using Processing. Personally I think the whole thing is really helped by the use of non-computer music.

If you liked that, here’s another.

Solar from flight404 on Vimeo.

Tutortainment or Entertorials

Connected to the entertaining demos post the other day. I love the way that these Photoshop Tutorials manage to tell a story of marital breakdown and infidelity through a bunch of nerdy design-tip-screencasts.

I was laughing out loud at them last night. And now I’ve seen them on Photojojo too so I know it’s OK to confess my love for them in public.

They wouldn’t work if the balance of tutorial vs comedy wasn’t spot on. But it is. So that’s OK.

Warning: contains painful comedy and associated swearwords.

You suck at Photoshop – Episode 1

You suck at Photoshop – Episode 2

You suck at Photoshop – Episode 3

Originally via Lifehacker – it’s nice to see that productivity geeks have a sense of humour too ;-)

For the Twitter Haters

If I didn’t have Twitter I wouldn’t have had these nuggets delivered to me. Two of the most important things I’ve read in some time…

tweet from Hugh MacLeod

Russell on Time

You can’t say that Twitter’s useless now. This proves it.

I hope Russell and Hugh don’t mind me posting these, I figured that they’re out in the public Twittersphere (or whatever it’s called).

Mac Software Bundle

Mac Heist

If you’re a Mac-head it’d have been hard not to have noticed MacHeist over the last couple of weeks. Basically it’s a bunch of small software makers who’ve joined together to bundle up their software at a too-good-to-miss price point. You can get 14 different packages for the princely sum of $49 (for us UK’ers that’s a double-good deal at the moment). But it’s only available for the next couple of days – don’t miss out.

Plus they’re giving away 25% of the proceeds to charities you can choose which one(s) you support.

It’s worth it just for Snapz Pro and Appzapper alone. I’m just trying out some of the others and think that 1password could be a total blinder, and Pixelmator looks like a great photo editing package for those of us that can’t justify spending lots on Photoshop. Plus there’s some games in there and some other handy apps I’ve not dug into yet.

I like MacHeist both as a bundle of software. And as a promotional mechanic too. Not sure how the economics work for the individual publishers, but it’s certainly a great way of getting their stuff out there and creating a wide and deep online footprint for their products.

All Loading Devices are The Devil’s Work

OK, I can bitch about circular loading devices. But I swear now that bars are no bloody better.

I’m trying to archive off a whole chunk of my iTunes library that I don’t like so much. And it’s taking hours and hours to do it. But what’s really bugging me is that iTunes is showing me a bar.

An X of Y measurement. Like so…


So I thinks to myself, looks about 20% of the way there, but then I look again and I see this:


The number of tracks is going up. But so is the total. So everything is moving.

Well let me tell you I could have wept.

I still might.

Geometry Wars – Particle Man

This ad for Geometry Wars I liked. It’s almost another kind of entertaining demo, sort of:

It makes me smile and chuckle.

They’ve also got some bonkers online advertising which I can’t actually find right now. And the website is also pretty odd. In a kind of retro-kitch-gaming way: – it’s far from being a good site, but it does a nice job of continuing the lo-fi old school vibe (I like the 3 types of navigation you can pick too).