Who Needs Tripods?

This is far from an exclusive, it’s been featured in quite a few places. But it’s something that everyone with an interest in taking photos should see. It’s so simple. Brilliant.

$1 Image Stabilizer For Any Camera – Lose The TripodFunny videos are here

Brighton Got Wood

It appears that the wood from the sunken ship has made it down the cost to Brighton. It’s nowhere near as impressive as it looks in Worthing, but it’s not bad.

It’s nice to see how much fun people can have with a bit of wood. But there are some splinter warnings out…

Need A Photographer?

Mareses Photo of Wendie

My friend Marese has just gone freelance as a Photographer and is looking for work. She says: I’m specialising in portraiture, but my skills are flexible – I also work in documentary, landscape, event and fashion photography.

Have a look at her site here: http://www.luminette.org there’s lots of nice stuff.

She’s thoroughly lovely, enthusiastic and hardworking too. So give her a shout if you’ve got any photographic needs.

India – Signs and Odd Designs

Here’s some more photos from India. Don’t know really what to describe the set as. It’s broadly interesting signs or bits of designish stuff that caught my eye…

Octopussy in Udaipur

One of the many strange things we saw in India was the fact that you can watch Octopussy in almost every single bar, restaurant, guest-house or hotel in Udaipur. Every night. Seriously.

Of course it’s because a big chunk of the film is set in Udaipur, but even so…

Maybe I should lobby to get Quadrophenia shown everywhere in Brighton at 7.30pm..?

Shit Graffiti and Shit

Got home today to find this shit graffiti on the side of the house, as well as a small pile of dog shit just next to it to finish the perfect picture of urban decay. I wouldn’t have minded so much but the letter formation on this ‘tag’ is absolutely terrible.

I must have done something bad to deserve them both in one day!