India – Signs and Odd Designs

Here’s some more photos from India. Don’t know really what to describe the set as. It’s broadly interesting signs or bits of designish stuff that caught my eye…

Octopussy in Udaipur

One of the many strange things we saw in India was the fact that you can watch Octopussy in almost every single bar, restaurant, guest-house or hotel in Udaipur. Every night. Seriously.

Of course it’s because a big chunk of the film is set in Udaipur, but even so…

Maybe I should lobby to get Quadrophenia shown everywhere in Brighton at 7.30pm..?

Shit Graffiti and Shit

Got home today to find this shit graffiti on the side of the house, as well as a small pile of dog shit just next to it to finish the perfect picture of urban decay. I wouldn’t have minded so much but the letter formation on this ‘tag’ is absolutely terrible.

I must have done something bad to deserve them both in one day!

Greg’s Show (and Marc’s Flickr)

Greg’s a very modest man and a very good coder at Poke. He’s also, it turns out, an awesome photographer. He’s got a show on at the moment which you can see here:

Or you could just go to his Flickr Page and see all his stuff. Nice one greg!

And while I’m on the subject of photography, Marc who’s a very modest man too and a very good designer at Poke is also a lensmaster. Here’s his photo of the fire a couple of weeks ago. Awesome. His flickr is here.


Live Internet Streaming Man

Pretty soon we’ll all be like this. Photo from KK+ on Flickr.

UPDATE: If you want to do live streaming from your phone keep your eyes peeled for Flixwagon. Eran popped by with news of a soon-to-launch startup, see comments for more.

Bad Interface Destroys Retail Opportunity

It was the last line on this machine that stopped me in my tracks:

Condom Machine

It’s obviously supposed to tell us something about the contents of the machine. But it doesn’t actually help at all. This rather odd ‘Nominal Width 53mm’ raises far more questions than it answers.

Very poor labelling.

Freaked Out

I was walking back from a meeting when I saw these 3 things in quick succession. I was freaked out. First up…

howards way

Howards Way – I thought. Funny an 80s TV show street, ha ha. (Turns out the TV show is Howards’ Way, which makes a big difference, but at the time I didn’t know).

Then 20m later I saw:

Max Headroom

Max Headroom another show from back in the day. I chuckled to myself.

Then I looked round and:

West Wing

The blinking West Wing.

All of a sudden I felt like I’d been transported into some odd parallel universe where my life is a bizarre Truman Show vs. TV Times mashup. Honestly all 3 within a minute of each other.

Customer Service


“Yes sir, you did ask for a pie. The quality of the pie was average. So I’ve given you a herring. The quality of which is also average. Therefore we’ve avoided your disappointment. Did you not read the sign…?”.

From a tea shop in Sussex last weekend.