My Thai Dancing Worm

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When I was in Thailand I saw this little fellow dancing on his thread as I walked up a path. I tried to film it with my digital camera, the autofocus doesn’t work well and it makes a horrible noise. Can anyone think of a track I can use as a soundtrack for this clip to drown out the motor noise. Winner will be famous or something.

Also anyone got a clue what kind of creature this is?

Making Friends in 2006

So this is how people are making friends nowadays. This MySpace friend recruitment drive was spotted in a tunnel in Shoreditch on my way to work.

Also spotted this in the same tunnel, it’s becoming quite a little creative hotspot…

Fun Features 2

After my previous post on Photo Booth. And how small simple novelty features can sometimes be the makings of a product, I thought I should share this: it’s a feature on a Casio camera that allows you to take 2 shots and combine them ‘in camera’. I know it’s horrible, but it’s what you get if you combine me and Nik Roope.

It’s not a tough thing to do with an image editing package. But the fact that the results are immediate, and the process dead simple, kept us amused for a good hour or so on Saturday.

Flickr Mashups

I’m pretty sure I’m way behind the curve on these (as per usual). But here’s a couple of amazing uses of the Flickr API (if you don’t know what an API is, this might help. Or then again, it might leave you baffled).

tagnauticaTagnautica – A really lovely way of navigating related tags in ‘FlickrSpace’. It’s just one of those interfaces that is so simple and just really really nice to use. You just need one search to start to explore the world of photo tags. Love it.

flaprFlapr – A flash based interface for Flickr. Don’t get me wrong. I really like the normal Flickr interface, I think it’s great. But these guys have done a really nice flash alternative. It feels snappy and responsive, and just, well…different. Try it, you might like it.

FlickrFlingFlickrFling – An online application that converts an RSS feed into images pulled from Flickr. I can’t really see the use for it, but once I started playing with it I was strangely compelled. Read more about it.

Taken from Wired’s Top 10 Flickr Mashups – there’s a few other sweet ones in there, but these three were new to me.

Soul Agents


This is on the front of the building across the street from work. I’d love meet one of these estate agents – I really hope that they look like Otis Reading and can sing the particulars in a motown style. But I think it’s just a bad mistake.