Asylum center phonecard party

This is what it sounds like when you help a group of Asylum Seekers DJ with the tracks from their phones.

This Phonecard Party initiated by Recyclart in Brussels is wonderful. And the writeup here gives lots more detail: Asylum center phonecard party | Princes of Ubiquity.

Mixed groups of arab adolescent men, african women, eastern european families with childeren and elderly people all participated in what resembled an unfamiliar wedding party. Each new song that was played introduced a different traditional or less traditional dance to the floor, which was then interpreted by the others, or simply denied in favour of cheerful improvisation.

I love this for so many reasons.

via: Bruce Sterling’s Tumblr


New Mix on SoundCloud

July 2011 Mix

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a mix (seems to be a recurring theme). Anyway here it is. I recorded it 6 weeks ago so it’s doubly lame that it’s not been online until now, and explains why it’s called July and I’m posting it in September. Doh.

If you want to comment / download / etc head over to:

July 2011 – From The Basement by iainmixedit


  1. Around – Solomun Dub – Noir, Haze
  2. Sirena feat. Banjo Or Freakout – Broke One Remix – Esperanza
  3. Jazz Fusic – Original Mix – Chris Lattner, Enzo Siragusa
  4. Punset – Solomun Remix – Edu Imbernon, Los Suruba
  5. Like This – Adryan Remix – Babak Shayan
  6. Loss – Original Mix – SCB
  7. Imagination – Original Mix – Anja Schneider, And-Id
  8. Mr. Duke – Original Mix – Sebo K
  9. Disco Gnome – Tale of Us Remix – Thugfucker
  10. ZZafrika – Julio Bashmore Remix – ZZT
  11. Dark Song – Original Mix – Tale Of Us
  12. Full Grown Man – Original Mix – Benoit & Sergio
  13. Trouble – Jamie Jones Remix – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
  14. Right In The Dark – Robag’s Gerega Beulbar Secondhand – Fritz Kalkbrenner
  15. 40004 A – Original Mix – Wax
  16. Wish You Were Here – Vocal Mix – Argy<

The Small Things That Make the Difference

I’m visiting a mix on SoundCloud (this one if you care).

The top of the page looks like this:


Then I start playing the mix, and look what happens to my tab:


Spot it? If not let me make it clear…


SoundCloud have always been very good at attention to UX detail and this might seem like just a tiny little thing. But it’s actually really very good. It means that you can spot in a multitude of tabs which one is playing. Love it a lot.

A Springtime Mix From The Loft

I shut myself up in the loft again last Saturday, and another mix popped out.

I think this is my favourite mix that I’ve done in recent times. I don’t know why. I’m just really pleased with the sound. I think it’s because I lucked out on finding a load of tracks that I really like. I hope you like it/them too…

*** Download Mix Here ***


Dayvan Cowboy – Boards of Canada
Woozy with Cider (Jon Hokins Remix) – James Yorkston
Mahogany (Instrumental Mix) – Lexx
Take a Break (Maurice Fulton Remix) – Rollmottie
Get Up (Greg Wilson’s Special Mix) – Elektrons
…The Party’s Upstairs – Jay Shepheard
Move Me (Phonique Remix) – Trickski
Invasion – The Murmers
Little Johnny Brown – Sam Amidon
Roscoe (Beyond the Wizards Sleeve Remix) – Midlake
The Theme (Autechre Mix) – Unique 3
So Weit Wie Noch Nie – Jurgen Paape
One Pure Thought (Supermayer Remix) – Hot Chip
Planetary (Dub) – Booka Shade
Lost (Mazi and Duriez Remix) – Tyree Cooper and Marc Romboy
We Love – Jurgen Paape and Boy Schaufler
Glad To Know You (Todd Terje Re-Edit) – Chaz Jankel
Funkatarium – Jump

As normal, most tracks originally came from – if you like them in mixed format please buy.

Enjoy. Or don’t.

My Balearic Muxtape

Everyone seems to be Muxtaping today.

They’re calling it the easy way to create and share mixtapes. And it is. You just upload your tracks and it puts them together in a nice webpage where people can just click to listen.

They’ve got a blog here:

37 Signals bigged it up so it’s being hammered at the moment (uploading is disabled for the moment as I write this). There’s also obvious issues regarding rights. They do say you should used cleared tracks – but if you look at any of the muxtapes on there most of them aren’t. Including mine (sorry).

My afternoon’s balearic listening can be heard right here:

One of those brilliantly simple sites that does one thing very well.

Computer Music Skillz

Sorry for the flurry of posts. It’s the first excitable surfing I’ve done in a while.

I am so envious of this guy’s ability with his computer music equipment:

Here’s some more beatfoolery: