Oh My, That’s Lovely

Magnetic Ink, Process video from flight404 on Vimeo.

Beautiful computer generated art, made by the supremely talented Flight 404 using Processing. Personally I think the whole thing is really helped by the use of non-computer music.

If you liked that, here’s another.

Solar from flight404 on Vimeo.

Loving Love

I popped in to see the chaps at Love in Manchester today. I don’t normally just turn up in strange towns and nip round to see people, but I got nice email from them yesterday as I was on the train (completely out of the blue), so it felt like fate was trying to tell me something.

So I went and met them. And what a lovely bunch of guys they are. With a fab office space. I even bumped into Matt who’s a sometime Poke freelancer which was a nice surprise too.

They gave me a book when I left. I’ve been looking at it. And I’m quite jealous. They’ve got a really amazing body of work behind them and when you look at what they’ve got going on it’s really impressive. Check their blog at: http://blog.lovecreative.com/

I really like the tone of voice they use in the book. Here’s one of my favourite bits (hope they don’t mind me using it):

I’m not adverse to a bit of swearing. But I always think there’s a bit of a risk using it in commercial things. But I’m OK with the use of ‘What a bastard’ at the end there. But oddly only if it’s spoken with a northern accent.

If you pronounce it b’ah-st’ah-d it just sounds odd. But b’ass-tard sounds just perfect to my ears. (Sorry my phonetic notation is crap, but hopefully you get me).

Perhaps its something that I’m particularly sensitive to being as I seem to see-saw on the way I pronounce bath, path and grass. One minute I’m all b’ah-th, p’ah-th and gr’ah-ss the next I go proper North. The curse of growing up in the midlands I guess.

Pownce Errors

I’m not convinced that I need Pownce (yet), but I did like their error message:

I wonder if they’ve got clearance for the image use?

if you’ve got a web business these days you need to have a great error page. I bet most brand consultancies haven’t cottoned on to this yet. Next time I see a branding presentation I’m going to raise it…

Tutortainment or Entertorials

Connected to the entertaining demos post the other day. I love the way that these Photoshop Tutorials manage to tell a story of marital breakdown and infidelity through a bunch of nerdy design-tip-screencasts.

I was laughing out loud at them last night. And now I’ve seen them on Photojojo too so I know it’s OK to confess my love for them in public.

They wouldn’t work if the balance of tutorial vs comedy wasn’t spot on. But it is. So that’s OK.

Warning: contains painful comedy and associated swearwords.

You suck at Photoshop – Episode 1

You suck at Photoshop – Episode 2

You suck at Photoshop – Episode 3

Originally via Lifehacker – it’s nice to see that productivity geeks have a sense of humour too ;-)

Photojojo – A Smart Thank You

If you’ve not come across photojojo and you use a digital camera a big chunk of your life is missing.

They deliver some of my favourite online content. So I did an odd thing this morning, I switched from using their RSS feed to getting their email newsletter. I know that might sound perverse to many of you, but my RSS is now more hectic than my email and I quite often don’t check it so much or so deeply.

Anyway, ofter signing up for the newsletter. This is the screen you get:

photojojo thanks

Whether you love or loathe their slacker-speak, that’s neither here nor there. What they’ve done is pick something that you might be up for doing next to help them out. Adding the site to del.icio.us. But IT”S JUST ONE THING!

They’re not saying, add it to digg, add it to mag.nol.ia, or newswhackka, or whatever. It’s a very simple ask. And I found myself just doing it. I’m almost certain that if there’d been a huge array of links I’d have not bothered.

Keep it simple.

That reminds me, I meant to write a post in praise of an excellent book I read on holiday: The Paradox of Choice – Why Less is More by Barry Schwartz. More about that later I guess.

Amazing Stop Motion Wall Painting

fantoche from blu on Vimeo.

Wow. Odd it doesn’t have any sound. But just incredible anyway.

Check out some of the other amazing things at their blog: http://www.blublu.org/blog/.

Very inspiring and humbling in equal measure.

Greg’s Show (and Marc’s Flickr)

Greg’s a very modest man and a very good coder at Poke. He’s also, it turns out, an awesome photographer. He’s got a show on at the moment which you can see here: http://www.nottingstill.co.uk/.

Or you could just go to his Flickr Page and see all his stuff. Nice one greg!

And while I’m on the subject of photography, Marc who’s a very modest man too and a very good designer at Poke is also a lensmaster. Here’s his photo of the fire a couple of weeks ago. Awesome. His flickr is here.


This Tie Is Incredible


Yes folks. This is a first for me. A blog post about a tie! I’m not a tie connoisseur, but I loved this. And I love the fact that they’ve made it a clip-on so the knot doesn’t spoil the 8-bit flatness. Genius.

What a tie. Availible from Think Geek

Animation That Freaked My Groove

This guy Cyriak lives in Brighton. I’m not sure I’d like to meet him…

He has got some crazy skills going on though, kind of like B3ta meets Chris Cunningham.

And if that doesn’t scare you.

Check this:

And to prove that it’s not all scary and dark, this made me chuckle:

I like a lot.

Vectorizer – WOW!

Check out VectorMagic it’s a fantastic online vectorization tool (I’m not sure why but I like vectorization better with a z than an s – I’m sure I’m not allowed to choose willy nilly like that, but this time I’m just going to).

Basically what it does is take a photo, like so:


And vectorizes is, thusly:


You can set the levels and things online and then download the file to use as you want. Very slick online app.

Thanks Xplane Blog