Geeks Gotta Have It

lightchargerAn amazing multi-charger cum light – imagine a world free of chargers, where cables are neatly stored away, out of sight. And, in its place, a wonderous ambient light source. This is the item that a whole planet of geeks’ girlfriends have been waiting for.

43 – The Magic Number

43thingslogoWell there’s 43 Things which I’m a huge fan of – a community based around ambitions and things we’d like to do, genius. And really nicely done. Then there’s 43 Places – a community rooted in the places that we’ve visited (or would like to visit). And now there’s 43 People – a community based around the people we’d like to meet.

All the sites are incredibly smartly put together using all the latest Web 2.0 must haves. Robot Co-op I salute your brilliance.

Collaborative writing online

Collaborative writing software online with Writeboard. Write, share, revise, compare. Well that’s what they say! It really is a lovely little collaborative app – great if you’re trying to do the old ‘to and fro’ with a bit of copy.

Those 37 signals chaps really do produce some cracking stuff. Check Backpack and Ta-da lists too.

Papa Stour

Papa Stour
I don’t know why really, but I love this little site. It’s only wee, but it’s perfectly formed. Kind of like one of thost little boutique shops where everything has been hand picked by a shopkeeper who cares. It’s just nicely designed things from Scotland, with a contemporary twist. If anyone’s looking to buy me something for Christmas – this scarf looks lovely ;-) Via