Sorrell vs. Murdoch

Interesting Reuters article from a couple of weeks ago. Martin Sorrell talks about how media companies are running scared of the new new media. But perhaps most interesting is his criticism of News Corp’s recent acquisitions.

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Talking Point for Orange

talkingpoint screengrabHere’s a little something I’ve been working on for a good while now TalkingPoint for Orange. It’s a hybrid between a poll and a discussion forum. The objective being to give people a chance to leave their opinions on issues in an interesting and textured fashion. Allowing people to either just register their agreement with a simple, single-click interaction. Or, if they wish, to go further and leave comments.

So far the results are really promising and we’re seeing high levels of interaction and relatively low levels of abuse (which is nice). The team that worked on it have done a great job – and as usual encountered all kinds of interesting ‘features’ in Flash ;-)

Email is distracting – shocker!

Blimey! Discover magazine reports on how email and IM are distracting! Well you don’t say…

But it does make some interesting points about using multiple windows and the distractions it can cause. Much as I love Expose on my Mac it does mean that I keep an inordinate amount of things on the go at any one time. In fact, I should go and finish those 7 emails now…

Which reminds me. I must finish reading Getting Things Done.

Growing pains for social bookmarking?

Broadband Stars – Covering the social media revolution: Growing pains ahead for social bookmarking? Interesting comment on the growth of web 2.0 apps and how the democratisation of them may ultimately lead to problems. Also refers to the ‘old guard’ worrying about non-geeks co-opting their technology. Strikes me that one of the beauties of tagging is that if geeks want to keep their links (or whatever) pure, all they’d need to do is add special tags that only their acceptible community know and use. Thus weeding out tags of the great unwashed.

Smacks a bit of elitism to me though. But I guess being able to slice information based on who’s submitted it is a key part of social software. It’ll be interesting to watch anyway…

Also liking the use of for reader submissions (see for examples.

The best thing about Web 2.0

Creating Passionate Users: The best thing about Web 2.0 – As per normal Kathy Sierra makes some amazingly valid points over on one of my favourite blogs.

Isn’t it bugging when you read articles that express what you’re thinking so much better than you ever could?

Another case in point with Kathy is her article on ‘Dignity is Deadly’. She talks about the painful puberty that companies face when they try to grow beyond their startup roots. And questions the need to grow-up in the first place. A question dear to my heart (professionally and privately;))

Web 2.0 (obviously)

If anything is hot right now it’s web2.0 – it’s starting to feel like mantra for a massive new bubble that’s swelling as I type…

Some people might say it’s a lot of fuss about nothing, and that there’s essentially nothing new in web2.0 (it’s really just what the web was always supposed to be: ‘a web of networked sites that fit together to create something bigger and better than the sum of its parts’).

That’s as may be, but as a set of organising thoughts and principles I think it has a place and a role to play. It certainly helps to make a case for getting rid of the desire for ownership that has plagued commerial web activity for so long now: “We’re going to own guinea-pig food online!”. Yeah right…

A great overview and primer here.

I my not going to surf any other kind of web from now on, if it ain’t 2.0 it ain’t getting in my