Polaroid Lady Gaga Launch

I don’t know about you, but this looks really bad to me. The presentation is a bloody shambles and the product looks terrible. The glasses look totally foolish:


And isn’t the printer just a bigger more handbaggy looking version of the Zink printers from a couple of years ago?

Look again at that Facebook Map


I did what I suspect a lot of people did. I saw this beautiful Facebook visualisation and went “oooh”. My oooh contained just a couple of things:

  1. Isn’t that pretty
  2. Facebook is big and global

But I just read this account by Paul Butler, the intern who made the thing. And all of a sudden it took on a whole new dimension. It gets a little technical in places, but you should read it, you’ll view the whole thing as more than just a pretty picture once you have. Go on read it.

All of a sudden you realise that there isn’t a background map here. Everything you see, including the recognisable shapes of countries is created by connections between people.

And once you’ve read Paul’s piece, click and view the high-resolution version of the map and drink it up.

Grid-it – Super Smart Gadget Packing

Why wasn’t I told?

Have you been conspiring to keep this stuff secret from me?


How much pain would this have saved me over the years?

Probably at least a bit.


Spotted here: http://www.flight001.com/

Original Mac Icon Prints


Limited edition prints signed by Susan Kare the original designer. Graphical geek history from $89 – $499 depending on size. Get em here: http://www.kareprints.com/